3 Main Benefits of End-to-End Recruitment Software

3 Main Benefits of End-to-End Recruitment Software

The term “end-to-end recruitment” gets thrown around quite a bit in HR. But what does it really mean? Well, end-to-end recruitment refers to the all the processes from the moment a Hiring Manager submits a requisition right through to onboarding and payroll integration…So inevitably an end-to-end recruitment software provides all your HR technology needs throughout these processes, on one easy-to-use modern platform. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how exactly does it work, what are its benefits and should you be adopting this platform into your business? Let’s take a look!

Why Choose an End-to-End Recruitment Software?

There are many benefits of implementing an end-to-end recruitment software. A few include:

1. It’s All In One place: Traditionally, having a piece of software to post jobs, a separate applicant tracking system to sort candidates and a manual onboarding process was the norm. With an end-to-end free recruitment software, however, one simple platform is able to take care of it all. This way you are able to have single source of truth for HR vs. data from multiple platforms that becomes hard to manage over time

2. Only have to deal with One Supplier: Most recruiters know the pain of having to deal with multiple suppliers for multiple software during their recruitment process. As end-to-end recruitment software is a ‘one-stop-shop’, you will only be dealing with one supplier; meaning it’s easier to stay within budget in the long-run.

3. Efficient, Timely and Cost Saving: Since an end-to-end recruitment software entails one company to managing all your recruiting needs – it is easier to see the bigger picture and remain within budget. Adoption of such a platform may help make your hiring process more efficient, timely and save cost in the long run.

Is your recruitment software End-To-End?

If you are unsure about whether your recruitment software is end-to-end, here’s a checklist:

Requisition: Does your current recruitment platform allow for easy job requisition or do you still use a paper requisition form for this initial phase of recruitment?

Resume Parsing and Sorting: An end-to-end recruitment platform should allow for resume parsing, candidate management, and advanced sorting. Firms that use a separate Applicant Tracking System to manage this process can benefit greatly by adopting an end-to-end recruitment software to manage their resume parsing and candidate management needs.

Screening: Screening capabilities is another capability that end-to-end platforms should have. This process constitutes the ability to set key selection criteria, assessment questions and also integrate into software the perform background or reference checks.

Job Offer & Onboarding: As the last and final step in the recruitment process, an end-to-end recruitment software needs to cater for paperless onboarding, induction, training and cross boarding.

If you currently use an ATS; it may not be as efficient, useful and timely as a modern end-to-end recruitment software. Remember, an ATS is just one component of a whole recruitment software. Try a free end-to-end recruitment software with a modern applicant tracking system today, and see for yourself if it is the way to go!

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