Applicant Tracking System Integration – Integration between MyRecruitment+ and Aurion HRIS

Applicant Tracking System Integration – Integration between MyRecruitment+ and Aurion HRIS

Comprehensive and two-way integration with Aurion HRIS

The integration with Aurion HRIS will be completed in a couple of weeks – talk to your account manager or to support if you’re interested in this feature.

This integration allows requisitions created in Aurion to be transferred into MyRecruitment+ in a few clicks.

This feature also allows the On-boarding users to transfer candidate information straight into Aurion HRIS in a few clicks and without any error-prone double handling data entry.

Direction # 1 – Transferring a requisition from Aurion HRIS to MyRecruitment+

In this part of the integration… imagine that you have an HRIS with all kind of data that are populated when you raise a requisition – for example, the Position, the Salary brackets, the number of hires, the Hiring manager, the location, the job type, the hours required, who to report to, the Cost Center, the division etc…….

Well, you wouldn’t want to copy and paste all this information into MyRecruitment+ when you want to start a new requisition… do you?

So what this integration allows you to do is to click a button and the all the relevant information from that requisition, will get transferred into MyRecruitment+

So a new requisitions gets automatically created into MyRecruitment+ and gets pre-populated with all the relevant information that makes sense to come across to MyRecruitment+


So this saves so much time, money and reduces so many errors! i.e. So much more accuracy!

The integration is reliable in terms of the user, gets feedback – they will know if the transferred worked and if there was any errors, the user will know what went wrong!


Direction # 2 – Transferring Candidate Onboarding information into Aurion HRIS

This part of the integration is really interesting – so once the candidate had completed their on-boarding pack including things like the contract, the tax form, the superannuation form, their induction stuff… etc. well, HR needs to move this candidate into payroll – right?  or into their HRIS which includes Payroll module.  Basically, the candidate needs to become an employee.

So you want to create an employee record from the candidate record – right?

OK, the way we went about building this type of integration is we said – ok we want to integrate with any Payroll or HRMS, HRIS system – and so we don’t want to have to build an entire integration layer for each provider!  So we went on a journey to build an agnostic integration layer that can be easily customized for a particular provider – you know like Chris21, Micropay, Aurion, Preceda etc…

I have to admit it was tough and there were so many times where the team wanted to give up on the basis that “is it worth all this effort?” ” are we really going to recoup this cost?” – let’s just hard code those integrations and be done with it.

But I’m so glad that we continuted investing into that project until we built a nice generic integration layer that allowed us to invest a small % of the original code for each of the products we wanted to integrate with



In case you don’t know, MyRecruitment+ already integrates with 5 HRIS and Payroll providers including Micropay, Chris21, and Preceda.


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