Not even CEO(s) can fake positive energy

Why should CEO(s) start taking recruitment more seriously? You can’t fake positive energy and a business can only grow when radiating positive energy from the inside out!   Positive energy starts with your employees!  Their positive energy would pollenize your existing clients, who in turn bring in…

The true cost of manual contract variations

The true cost of manual contract variations – could your time be better spent? Did you know that an organisation with 1000 staff spends on average $180,000 per year just on onboarding new employees, renewing employment agreements and preparing contract variations? What’s even more interesting…

5 tips to reduce candidate drop off

So many job ads and career sites fail to meet the expectations and aspirations of their target candidates, resulting in low view-to-application conversion rate.  In this blog, I draw the similarities between a standard sales funnel and the candidate application process and then give you…

Hiring Without The Hiring Manager

Hiring a new employee for most companies is a straightforward process. You know the drill. Candidates apply for positions, participate in phone screens and testing, and then attend an interview. Interviews are generally with the hiring manager (but sometimes include another independent person). Following successful…

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