16 Apr 2021

What does the new generation think about job applications.

Everyone’s started from somewhere, even Jeff Bezos had no experience once. How do you break through the first barrier of finding your first job ?  I found that online job application processes can be unnecessarily long and confusing....

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12 Apr 2021

Survey Analysis: The lasting legacy of COVID19 | Remote working 

It’s now been over a year since we all first experienced the effects of COVID19. Businesses were shaken by the sudden necessary measure of working at home. Remote working is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “ the practice of an employee ...

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1 Apr 2021

Survey Results | Rare Insights into remote working trends 2021

Hate it or love it, remote working is going to be around for a while with the influence of the COVID19 pandemic.  The COVID pandemic surged remote working across the globe. But luckily for us, advancing technology has provided us with the ...

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25 Mar 2021

How does Bias manifest itself in your workplace and what to do about it.

How does Bias manifest itself in your workplace and what to do about it. My friend recently got a job in a financial loans call centre. She brought up a discovery of her own. She told me that her colleagues with ethnic names were found cha...

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22 Mar 2021

Are Reference Checks still relevant ?

The United Nation News stated that 255 million jobs were lost due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The job market is a tough one, and people will go through great lengths to find a job.  A study by CV-Library has shown that over a quarter (28%) o...

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15 Mar 2021

Why should you treat your candidates as your customers?

To start off, here’s a bit about me. I come from a Marketing background and when I joined My Recruitment +. I was first overwhelmed by the complex functionalities of the HR product and why they existed. However, I came to realise that even...

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10 Mar 2021

Top 10 must have qualities you should look out for in an employee onboar...

Imagine undertaking the years to study the fascinating subject of Human resources.  You then finally get your foot in the door and work your way up to management.  Then there you are, ready to onboard a new employee. But you find yourself ...

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25 Feb 2021

My ticking time bomb experience of digital onboarding at MyRecruitment+

I’ve just recently joined the marketing team here at My Recruitment Plus.  They’ve asked me to describe my first digital onboarding experience here. Today I’ll be walking you through my past onboarding experiences. To begin, le...

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