4 things HR must have to save millions on recruitment

In-house recruitment hasn’t delivered on its cost-saving potential, because companies have typically ended up with a large and expensive internal recruitment team. Because of this reason, some companies have been going in and out of the in-house vs. outsourcing-to-agencies vicious cycle for years now, and without achieving the significant cost…

5 questions to ask sales people who are making the journey to B2B

Do you hire B2B sales people? If you do, then which of the following two options would you choose? a)  the safe option – a mediocre sales person, but with existing B2B experience from your industry b)  the risky option – someone with a superstar attitude but without any…

4 tips before recruiting entrepreneurs

While most corporations would be attracted to hiring a budding Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerman is that always a smart move? Entrepreneurial characteristics like drive, innovation, and risk-taking are suited for some roles in some organisations, but recruiters must take care during the hiring process….

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