26 Nov 2020

The HR Dilemma of Unpaid Internship Culture

It’s a topic that polarises students, employees and employers alike; are unpaid internships ethical? Is the concept flawed? Do they promote equal opportunity? Can they negatively impact the mental wellbeing of university students? Th...

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13 minutes

18 Nov 2020

6 Touchpoints to Refine for a Positive Candidate Experience: A New Recru...

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking for anyone, whether that be an entry-level graduate or a seasoned industry professional. Clammy hands and an unsettled stomach lingers from the first ever encounter with the hiring manager, right up ...

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14 minutes

16 Nov 2020

Insight for HR into the mind of a young person in the workforce.

Hi, my name is joe and i have interviewed my friend Khalib. He is 17 and works as a casual employee at KFC. hopefully this short video gives you an insight into the mind of a young person in the workforce and their thoughts on the recruitm...

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1 minute

6 Oct 2020

3 Reasons Why you Need to Build Talent Pools

Recruitment is a lengthy process, don’t be fooled, talent acquisition is no easy task. It’s crucial the right hiring decision is made because hiring the wrong candidate promotes unproductively, inefficiency, tensions within the workplace c...

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9 minutes

18 Aug 2020

Align HR and Recruitment with Business Values

You know those radio ads that make all these fancy promises about low interest rates and company transparency but in the last 20s of the ad someone talks reaallyy fast about the terms and conditions? This is similar to when a recruiter (or...

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11 minutes

10 Aug 2020

Internal VS External Recruitment: Which Process Should You Choose?

There are two main factors a business must consider when deciding whether to internally or externally recruit candidates; quality and cost. Your company must decide which process which will be the most cost effective, whilst also successfu...

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13 minutes

27 Jul 2020

How to Guide: Managing your Hiring Manager 

Arguable one of the toughest challenges for recruiters is to manage the expectations of their hiring manager. Whilst the hiring manager is involved in the recruitment and onboarding of a new candidate, they don’t always understand the true...

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8 minutes

24 Jul 2020

How to Guide: Being A Good Recruiter

In pondering the million dollar question of ‘how to be a good recruiter’, I realised this quest was too big to complete on my own. I decided to delve deep into the world of recruitment and discover what advice and insider knowledge I could...

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10 minutes

17 Jul 2020

Should schools and workplaces go back into lockdown?

The lockdown in Australia started on March 23 with cases at 1,887 and as you may have realised we have all started to go back to our normal lives but as the lockdown is easing off we have had a new wave of cases… Due to these new cas...

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5 minutes

17 Jul 2020

Why are trade jobs increasingly popular options within students looking ...

  As a high school student in year 10, most people my age are looking for jobs in the hopes of starting the almighty quest of becoming an adult, but all around me I’m hearing my friends talk about “jumping on a trade” or “ going...

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6 minutes

30 Apr 2020

5 Reasons Why Every Recruiter Should Use Pre Recorded Video Interviews

Why is it that the day always slips away before we can complete our to-do list? Sometimes it seems as though we need more hours in the day to have any chance of getting on top of our work. I’m going to let you in on a secret; the key is to...

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16 minutes

24 Apr 2020

Save 50% on Recruitment Costs with Pre-Recorded Video-Interviews

The average full time corporate recruiter will participate in tasks associated with phone-screening and interviews on a daily basis. The tasks include; reviewing candidates and resumes, corresponding with candidates and scheduling and cond...

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11 minutes

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