16 Jul 2021

Employee’s Staying Connected While Apart

While in lockdown the 11 am Gladys press conference has become somewhat of a tradition for many Sydney siders, including myself. We nervously prepare ourselves for the announcements that our NSW Premier states, from cases rising to restric...

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11 Jun 2021

Job ads, are you getting the right message across?

It is extremely important for job advertisements to reflect what candidates will experience if  progressed to employment. The ads need to be reflective of the actual role, offerings and logistics.  Candidates can be misled to jobs that don...

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8 Jun 2021

The importance of personality in the workplace

Personality by definition, according to Cambridge English Dictionary is “the type of person you are, shown by the way you behave, feel and think.” Therefore, it can be assumed that personality will undoubtedly impact the functionality of a...

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3 Jun 2021

What are Company values and how do they affect employee experiences?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, Values are “the beliefs people have especially about what is right and wrong and what is important in life, that control their behaviour.”  Company values are the primary drivers of company decisions. The...

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1 Jun 2021

How Digital Onboarding provides a positive employee workplace introduction

Busy? Tired? Stressed? Juggling too many things at once? … we’ve all been there.  In the times of chaos, downtime is as precious as gold. However, starting a new job commonly entails a meticulous introductory process. Inefficient onboardin...

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28 May 2021

5 reasons why HR should sign-up to our HR SaaS software!

#1 Let HR people do real HR work  HR has many important roles to play to keep a business running. However, administration can be an all consuming task that distracts HR professionals from focusing on the “real HR work.” It is important for...

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24 May 2021

The job application process… What does it feel like for applicants in 2...

Job application processes have always been diverse. Some, more lengthy and detailed than others.  It seems some employers want an applicant to provide insight into their relevant skills and experience so they can gauge the general suitabil...

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4 May 2021

Social Media Screening: Should Recruiters Stalk or not Stalk?

You hire a salesperson and when their three-month probation review is up you find out she’s a stripper… However, this is not affecting her daily job, what would you do? This is an example scenario of what you could find out after a s...

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16 Apr 2021

What does the new generation think about job applications

 Some behind the scenes of our data collection. Everyone’s started from somewhere, even Jeff Bezos had no experience once. How do you break through the first barrier of finding your first job ?  We wanted to find the root of what mad...

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12 Apr 2021

Survey Analysis: The lasting legacy of COVID19 | Remote working 

It’s now been over a year since we all first experienced the effects of COVID19. Businesses were shaken by the sudden necessary measure of working at home. Remote working is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “ the practice of an employee ...

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1 Apr 2021

Survey Results | Rare Insights into remote working trends 2021

Hate it or love it, remote working is going to be around for a while with the influence of the COVID19 pandemic.  The COVID pandemic surged remote working across the globe. But luckily for us, advancing technology has provided us with the ...

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31 Mar 2021

The Business Case for a Professional Reference Checking Software

Reference checking is incredibly underutilized as it’s seen as a tedious and time-consuming task for busy HR teams, which is why this pre-employment check often slips through the cracks.  The truth of the matter is that many wrong hiring d...

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