5 Jun 2020

The 4 Psychometric Talent Assessment Methods

The inaccuracies of today’s current recruitment process are becoming impossible to overlooked- we’re humans, we make mistakes, we all know and acknowledge this! We can accept the fact that we make mistakes and that others make mistakes.. However, these mistakes can be detrimenta...

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22 Apr 2020

How an Applicant Tracking System aids Business Growth

The world is in a constant state of flux. At this very moment, a lot of existing plans, processes and strategies are being thrown out the window to pivot business operations to cater to the ever-changing political, economic and health scenarios playing out across the globe. Ther...

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3 Apr 2020

Four Lessons in Effective Leadership to Help Navigate Tough Times

What would you do if your business had to close overnight?  If your pay was cut by a third? With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic across early 2020, this situation is the unfortunate reality for many people around the globe. While primarily a health crisis, the flow-on econom...

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24 Mar 2020

The 3 Main Components when Building a Company’s EVP

This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss the three main components needed to successfully build a company’s EVP. The core components are time, information and relationships. It’s essential to collect the right data, be agile in analysis and manage the right groups of sta...

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18 minutes

18 Mar 2020

How an EVP aids Talent Acquisition when Job Advertising

This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss how an EVP can be broken down into brand pillars to be used as a resource by Talent Acquisition. By developing an effective EVP, the acquisition strategy and media assets required have a clearer direction when advertising for open...

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10 Mar 2020

What’s an ‘EVP’ and an Employer Brand? With Mike Beeley | Anwar Khalil

This week I sat down with Mike Beeley to discuss the meaning of the term ‘EVP’ as well as the importance of having an employee brand. We take a look at the Australian Defence Force as a prime example of an entity that heavily invests into talent acquisition and building their em...

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4 Mar 2020

Should You Hire Entrepreneurs? With Bernt Schindler | Anwar Khalil

This week I sat down with Bernt Schindler to discuss whether hiring entrepreneurs is a good idea for your business. Is the threat of them leaving your business worth worrying about? How do you best manage that? Bernt has decades of experience in recruitment, holding positions su...

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12 minutes

15 Feb 2020

What Makes a GOOD Recruiter? With Bernt Schindler | Anwar Khalil

This week I sit down with Bernt Schindler to discuss the key skills a great recruiter should have. Bernt has decades of experience in recruitment, holding positions such as the Head of Talent Acquisition at leading companies such as IBM and Graincorp. Here are our insights: Watc...

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5 Feb 2020

6 Key Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking For A New Hire

Hiring new employees can be a very time consuming and expensive process. Consequently, employee retention should always be top of mind. It’s far more effective to retain your top talent instead of having to replace them. Particularly if their departure is unexpected and yo...

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31 Jan 2020

It’s a Payroll Disaster! How Software Can Help you Avoid Expensive Mistakes

When it comes to cash flow, one of the biggest outgoings you will likely incur is payroll. It’s therefore essential to get this right. If you don’t there are major financial and reputational consequences. Recent payroll issues at multiple large companies are providing an opportu...

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9 minutes

22 Jan 2020

Flow Data, Flow! The Secret to Seamless Recruitment and Onboarding

Have you ever noticed how some organisations get recruitment ‘right’? When a manager requests a new hire, and they get exactly who they need within two weeks? Well, there’s a little ‘secret’ to seamless recruitment and onboarding… it’s all about getting the processes right, auto...

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5 Dec 2019

5 Tips to Help You Improve the Candidate Experience

What is candidate experience and why should you care? Very simply, it refers to how job applicants feel about your company after experiencing your hiring processes. A great hiring experience will increase the likelihood of the candidate viewing your company favourably, whilst a ...

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