Facebook might be the sleeping GIANT of recruitment

Jobseekers like Facebook ahead of LinkedIn
Financial Review article by Ewin Hannan

Did you see the article in this morning’s Australian Financial Review by Ewin Hannan?

Facebook might the sleeping giant of Recruitment
In the article Frank Ribuot the CEO of Randstad said “Facebook might be the sleeping giant of Recruitment”

Network of peers versus a business network
Also from the same article, Laurel Papworth a Social Educuator at University of Sydney said, she didn’t believe that jobseekers would necessairly prefer Facebook over LinkedIn, however she said “Jobseekers might be more attracted to a vacancy seen on Facebook as it would more likely be channelled through a network of peers versus a business network.”

Survey of 12,000 Australians
An online survey by 12,000 Australians by Recruitment Company Randstad found 34% were using Social Media to find work.
Of the approximate 4,000 using Social Media, 61% said they used Facebook and 45% used LinkedIn.


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