Gumtree launched Jobs Professional and phases out FREE posting

Your Gumtree ads might be erroring | free posting has been phased out

Gumtree has recently launched “Gumtree Jobs Professional accounts”, specifically designed for recruiters and employers, with a host of benefits including;

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • ‘My Business Page’ showcasing all your job ads, branding plus a bio about your business
  • ‘About the recruiter’ section on each of your job ads showcasing your branding, website URL and contact details
  • Third party ad posting integration
  • ATS integration to direct job seekers to your application page via a ‘Apply Now’ link
  • Simple monthly invoicing with 30 day payment terms

Gumtree now offers three unique ad types; Plus,Featured and Premium. Each ad type has certain features and benefits designed to increase visibility and applications for your jobs, and each lasts for 45 days.

What sets Gumtree apart from other job boards is that there are no sign up fees, no ongoing fees, no minimum contract length and no committed spends. You simply pay for the number of job ads you post each month, on a rolling month-to-month commitment. And, volume discounts apply so the more ads you post, the more you can save.

Over the last few weeks, Gumtree has phased out support for its “free” job ad posting with all support completely removed by 1 April 2016.

To continue posting job ads to Gumtree through adlogic or MyRecruitment+ the end to end Recruitment Software, after 1 April 2016, you will need to sign up to a Gumtree Jobs Professional account.

After 1 April 2016, any “free” ads you have posted to Gumtree will stay up until they expire, however, you won’t be able to edit it without having signed up to a professional account.

Please contact the team at Gumtree prior to April 1 to get your new account set up and ensure you continue to have access to posting ads on Gumtree beyond 1 April 2016.

So to recap you can continue to post ads to Gumtree from our Recruitment Software MyRecruitmentPlus… however advertising on Gumtree is no longer free – our team will ensure a 100% smooth transition of your account into the pay account if you wish to continue to post to Gumtree and if you’re prepared to pay for them.  Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out and make sure you’re ads appear on Gumtree in exactly how you expect them to.

For more information on Gumtree Jobs Professional, please checkout these two links:





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