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How it works?
ArrowBy 5:00PM today, arrange a demo for a suitable date for you
ArrowOnce you’ve had your demo, you will have 15 days to makeup your mind on using MyRecruitmentPlus and claim your beautiful and free career site.
ArrowBut you have to hurry because this limited offer, is only available to the first 5 companies that submit their requests by 5:00PM today!
Some of the career site features
Mobile-enabled – our career site platform is built using Responsive Web Design technology and so it works every device including mobiles, tablets and desktops
Integration – our technology integrates with Seek, LinkedIn, Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive. Applicants can apply with their existing profiles from Seek and social sites or upload their resume directly from Dropbox or Google Drive into the application form.
Custom-built – our lead designer Monica will have a 2 hour briefing with you and come up with a design that captures exactly how you would like to convey your employer branding. Make no mistake, this isn’t a standard job-board that’s built on a run-of-the-mill template. Instead, your career site will be designed and branded specifically for you and the job-board features will be customized so they make sense for your size and type of business.
SEO and Google – our technology contains many SEO features to ensure that your job ads as well as your employer content, are indexed correctly at Google. This will give your job ads a good chance of coming up on page 1 when job seekers start their search experience on Google.

Anwar Khalil


Anwar Khalil


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