Integration with MicrOpay payroll is now complete

Integration with MicrOpay payroll is now complete



Integration with Sage MicrOpay Meridian is now complete

Push your on-boarding data… straight into your MicrOpay Payroll System!



My team and I are very pleased to announce, that the integration with MicrOpay payroll is now complete.

In a few clicks our users can now, submit all relevant on-boarding information (fields) are pushed from MyRecruitment+ OnBoarding module, straight into MicrOpay Payroll Meridian.

This is how it works:

  1. While in the MyRecruitment+ Recruitment Software module and once the candidate is approved internally by the business,
  2. The recruitment person (or Hiring manager) makes a verbal or written offer to the candidate
  3. As soon as the Candidate accepts either a verbal or written offer
  4. The Recruitment Person (or Hiring manager) can then push the recruitment data into the On-boarding module
  5. In On-Boarding, whoever is driving the ObBoarding module… would then pick up the data already loaded from recruitment and start with it – they would then create the relevant pack, have it internally approved and push it through to the candidate
  6. The candidate would then review and complete all the items in the pack
  7. As soon as the candidate completes all items in the pack
  8. The person driving on-boarding can then in a few clicks push all relevant on-boarding data straight into MicrOpay Payroll.

So at high level this is pretty much the final piece in the puzzle for our Recruitment Software:

  • Request-to-recruit workflow (including integrating with HRIS for job information)
  • Posting to job-boards , career site and internal job-board
  • Recruitment Process
  • On-boarding
  • Integration with Payroll (

As soon as the candidate has completed their on-boarding pack, all the relevant information can now be transferred into the Payroll system in a few clicks.

It’s important to note however, that MicrOpay integration is only the beginning – we have already began the work on integrating our On-boarding module with Preceda from NGAHR, Aurion and PayGlobal from MYOB.  And it goes without saying that we are happy to work with any other payroll system that our clients wish to use – as long as that payroll system has the capability for integrations such as having API(s) for example… then we are willing to do it.

From the very beginning, integrating with HRIS and Payroll systems has been a core strategy for us – so it’s a dream that has come true really – completing the loop on our overall strategy is just fantastic to see – 8 years ago we were just talking about this – we were talking and dreaming that we could build a Recruitment System that integrates with HRIS from one end and with Payroll on the other end… while in the middle it does everything that required in Recruitment & On-boarding.

Another interesting point that’s worth noting is the fact that the integration is a two way implementation no one – so one thing is to be able to push payroll data into a payroll system but how about if the data you need to push contains some fields that are client specific and Payroll system specific such as cost center and other information that’s been setup in the payroll system and is specific to this payroll system and to this client – well this is why it’s two ways – so we have a live link with the payroll system that enables us to provide such information always live and available to the user to select from and finally submit their final form to the payroll system.

Please get in touch with myself or support if you’d like to setup the MicrOpay integration, or if you have any questions about this article.


Anwar Khalil


Anwar Khalil


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