Needu… is now available from adlgoic and MRPlus

As part of our commitment to our clients and to our multi-posting tool within our Recruitment Software, we always integrated with advertising mediums that made sense to our clients to post to.  We have integrated with over 300 job-sites and social media sites over the last 10 years.  This includes, Indeed, Monster, CareerOne, Adzuna, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profile and company page, a twitter account and the list goes on and on.  Some of the job-boards that we have integrated with in the past are no longer around and some still are. and we continue to integrate with job-boards and other sites at the rate of about 2 per month.

We think that every Recruitment System should have a multi-posting capability to streamline the entire posting process to all the channels of interest to their client base.

Multi-Posting has and will always be a significant part of our Recruitment Software strategy.

This allows our clients to post their jobs to those sites, that make sense for their job… in a few clicks.  It’s automated and will only require a few clicks before a user can post a job to even 15 job sites including Free job-boards, paid job-boards, social sites, Career site on the client website as well as the internal job-board on the client’s Intranet for Internal hiring.

So how do we decide which job-board or site to integrate with?

Typically what happened is, our clients trial a particular site… so they manually post onto the site a few ads and then they assess the response and the return on their investment.  If the find that the site works for them, they then get in touch with us.  But we only do so much if that particular site doesn’t have the capability to integrate with with either a multi-poster like adlogic or with an ATS like MyRecruitmentPlus.  So we get in touch with the job site and if they do have the API(s) hat allow us to post ads to their site, then we can complete the integration in less than 4 weeks.  Typically the job-board pays us for the integration – well it’s only a contribution to the integration cost and not the full cost.  But in any case we never ask the client to pay for the cost of the integration.


Benefits of posting to NeedU

Getting your ads in front of the right candidates… for free, has just become a whole lot easier. Adlogic and MyRecruitmentPlus are now integrated with needu, Australia’s Free Recruitment Platform for SME Employers.


Based in Sydney and covering all of Australia, needu covers 12 categories from Hospitality and Health via Trades and Transport to Office, Sales and Farming.

There is no limit on the number of free ads you can post – Find the People You Need

Please get in touch with myself or support if you’d like your account to be setup for free posting to NeedU.


About Needu:


At the beginning there was nothing. Just an idea.

A dream what needu should be about.

We were all looking for jobs or candidates.

And we were all frustrated.

So we decided to do this
Better – for you and us – together.
Turning your search for candidates and jobs
Into an experience that
Inspires and Empowers you.

This is our dream. This is what needu is about.

Anwar Khalil


Anwar Khalil


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