Onboarding in Applicant Tracking System – Submit Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration Form Directly To ATO

Integration layer with the ATO gets a much-needed upgrade!

We are happy to let you know that the integration layer with the ATO has been upgraded.

The integration layer, allowed the MyRecruitment+ onboarding module to submit the new employee’s TFN declaration form directly to the ATO, online and in a few clicks.

In case you haven’t used this feature yet, it eliminates the need for the paper form and the need to mail this form to the ATO.  This feature allows the onboarding user, to send the information the candidate already submitted, to send it online and directly to the ATO – well almost directly – it might take a couple of minutes to check the information, complete a few fields and hit the submit button – that’s it.

This is a really interesting topic from my point of view because it’s another point to further dispell the myth of “Digital Onboarding”.  So what I mean by that, is that some HR people think that Digital onboarding is when you make sure that your employment contract and forms are in PDF – and so they think, zipping up all these digital items and emailing them to the candidate makes their onboarding process digital.  But unfortunately, this is not the case.   To get the Paperless and Digital Onboarding status, you need to really and simply put not to have to use a single sheet of paper and the same goes to the Candidate.

So for example, you need Digital signing – otherwise, the candidate has to print the contract, sign it, scan it and email you the PDF.

And how about the forms????  Well, they have to printed, filled out, signed, scanned and then either mailed or emailed to HR.

And the list of printing and scanning and emailing goes on and on… for almost every item in the pack really – right?

Well, the same for this topic of interest here – the ATO’s TFN Declaration form – it has to be printed and actually mailed out to the ATO.  And of course, I’m not going to mention the double handling of data entry – right???



This project is now in QA and we expect it to be in production (available to you to use) on 2nd March (Friday week) at the latest.


  1. More reliable – far greater… actually almost 99.9999% of all request get delivered to the ATO – you can’t even compare!
  2. More available – a huge % of availability and gain in the realm of 99.9999% of the time, this ATO service if available for providers like MyRecruitment+ to submit the request to.
  3. provides feedback to the user to whether or not the submission was successful
  4. More secure – Oh my goodness – lucky for you the user and your candidates… the ATO is absolutely crazy paranoid when it comes to privacy – they implement every measure available in the modern world… in order to protect the privacy of the candidate.  We had to re-work so many things in our platform to adhere to their new security rules and this includes encrypting the data in both transit and at rest – so to give you an idea and put things in perspective… if someone was able to steal a copy of the DB backup from the fortress-like Amazon AWS data centers – they still can’t do anything with it – because all the candidate’s sensitive personal information is encrypted and so they wouldn’t be able to read it!!!!
  5. Offers the latest options the ATO offers when submitting a TFN Declaration form

Anwar Khalil


Anwar Khalil


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