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For $35/user/month you can have full access to myRecruitment+ while integrated with your Meridian payroll.

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All 4 MR+ Modules Integration with Meridian payroll Setup & support Unlimited jobs and candidates

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Needu… is now available from adlgoic and MRPlus

Needu… is now available from adlgoic and MRPlus

As part of our commitment to our clients and to our multi-posting tool within our Recruitment Software, we always integrated with advertising mediums that made sense to our clients to post to.  We have integrated with over 300 job-sites and social media sites over the last 10 years....

Targeted Reverse Marketing!

Passive candidates are very important in recruitment and stats tells us that only a small number of passive candidates actually go onto job-boards and apply for ads. So recruiters need to be able to contact those passive candidates who aren't looking for work and pitch...

Branding through Quality ad copy and Consistency

How does an online ad reflect your company's image? Not only does it effect your company's brand, but also changes your chances of securing the very best talent. Your advertisements will make or break the initial impression you make on prospective applicants and subsequently could...

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