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Last May,  we were part of creating a brilliant piece of employer branding – the synlait career site: careers.synlait.com

Synlait’s HR team joined the MyRecruitment plus family back in December of 2016 and took up our entire Recruitment Software offering.

Soon after they came onboard and started using the recruitment system, our dev team here at MyRecruitmentPlus; began working with Synlait’s marketing and HR teams and a creative agency to refresh the Synlait’s career site.

It was an awesome partnership that led to creating an employer branding and position, masterpiece.

I’ll let you browse the site and make up your own mind but here are the elements that I appreciated the most about this career site.


Employer of choice positioning

The messaging, images and videos work together beautifully to reflect that perfect employer branding position the business wants to be in. I found it very inviting and empowering.



Very powerful messaging right across the site starting from Annie’s car and jacket… and here are my favorite ones:


We’re game changers

We think big. We act now. We do it Right

We make the Most from Milk By being Innovative At Every Opportunity


Empowering employees

The first and most dominant video on the site portrays the area manager Annie, as a very confident professional woman, who’s seen by the suppliers as the “always there for you” and reliable partner.

She walks around with the “Lead With Pride” badge on her jacket and shakes hands with the supplier with a great deal of confidence whilst, still appears to be a pleasant, fun and down to earth person.


Picture yourself at Synlait

Fantastic content that really makes you imagine that you’re working there… and finding yourself asking questions such as… what would it be like? Where would I sit?


Functional site

  • Works on mobiles and tablets
  • Candidates in less than a minute, can apply for a job from their mobile
  • Fast, easy to navigate and well structured menu
  • Beautiful and self sufficient home page that very quickly gives a site visitor, a great overview of “picture yourself at Synlait”.
  • Social media connected
  • Candidates can apply using their social profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Seek
  • Candidates can share a job ad on their social profiles.
  • Dropbox & Google drive resumes
  • Candidates can directly upload their resumes, from cloud-storage sites like Google Drive, Dropbox or MS OneDrive.


Dynamic screening questions

The HR team can create and maintain their own set of screening questions with changes instantly being reflected on the site.

Data collected from the screening questions, can be used to develop a pipeline of prospective candidates i.e. talent pools.


HR has control over the content

The site content can easily be updated from a content management system (CMS) login, so there is less reliance on marketing and IT each time changes need to be applied.

Allowing HR to easily apply changes to the site, would enable HR to keep the content fresh, relevant and up to date.

In conclusion, I can’t stress enough how much value marketing can add to the employer branding of a business, if they were  correctly engaged by HR and the business.  So I’d like to acknowledge the incredible effort that marketing at Synlait put into this project and their constant and tireless attention to details and pursuit of perfection.  We love working with people like that and so it was our pleasure to team up with Synlait’s marketing team on this project.

Also, I can’t stress enough how implementing a great Recruitment Software is one thing but working hard on your employer branding is something else.





About Synlait

Synlait is an innovative dairy processing company based in the heart of Canterbury, New Zealand. We combine expert farming, with state-of-the-art processing, to produce a range of nutritional milk products that provide genuine benefits for health and wellbeing.


About MyRecruitmentPlus

MR+ is a cloud-based recruitment & on-boarding software, that helps a recruiter to manage their entire recruitment process.


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