Very cool page for sharing candidates with managers

Share candidates page

We’ve just released a super cool page for when a recruiter wants to send candidates to the Hiring Manager(s) for feedback.Well… the idea of sending emails with resumes and cover letters attached is pretty outdated – right?

So now the email will only contain a simple link which will take them to a page, where they can individually review each candidate… and leave their feedback.

Here’s a screen shot of the page:

Capture Costing

To start using it, click on the “Share” buttonShare buttonin the “floating menu” of the “Candidates” tab of a job.

Clicking on this button will explain to you how it works.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on this page – I’d love to hear from you because, this is only phase 1 for this page… and so we still have a huge plan for it.

Anwar Khalil


Anwar Khalil


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