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Digital Onboarding Master Class. Learn from a panel of experts!

6:00 AM AEST
Fri, 5 March 2021

About this Event

This interactive session is jam-packed with exclusive insights from professionals across a variety of business industries. Learn from the experience of professionals who’ve mastered digital onboarding, and take away essential tips and tricks.


This webinar will address commonly incurred onboarding challenges, and use the experience of a panel of experts to guide you in achieving the ultimate onboarding process.

Beautiful candidate experience

Digital onboarding has a branded self-onboarding candidate portal where candidates can complete their onboarding packs on any device, at any time. Therefore, reducing candidate drop-off and enhancing employer branding.

Optimising Efficiencies

Digital onboarding encompasses extensive automation throughout each stage of the onboarding process (ie; auto-generating contracts, induction videos, etc). These capabilities increase your efficiencies and increase your ROI.

Ultimate compliance

Custom create your compliance process according to the internal and external requirements your organisation must adhere to. No candidate will ever miss a step and you remove the potential for any future errors, achieving supreme compliance.


Panel of experts

The webinar will begin with a short discussion of regularly incurred onboarding challenges between the panel of experts and the attendees. This is to determine the direction of the webinar…..we want to make sure your needs and problems are addressed!

The panel of experts will then discuss their experiences with paper-based onboarding, the adoption of digital onboarding, the benefits of making the change, and their exclusive tips and tricks.

At the end of the webinar, there will be a live Q&A where the audience will take the floor and ask any questions they like!

Who should you attend?

This webinar’s pure focus is on bettering your onboarding process and modernising your organisation. This webinar is most appropriate for HR professionals, IT leaders, and managers or executives.

This is a rare opportunity that encompasses everything you need to know about digital onboarding, and your chance to ask questions and seek advice.