Why do you need a Recruitment Software ?

Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software

Every organisation should have a Recruitment Software – whether they run their recruitment function in-house or outsource it to a staffing company, they still need a recruitment software.? So in my opinion, it’s never black or white – outsourcing or in-house?? It’s always a hybrid of the two and the real question is what % is in-house and what % is done through a recruitment agency.? Having recruitment software in place will enable HR to create visibility and collaboration with the rest of the business regardless to who eventually is conducting the candidate sourcing and coordinating interviews etc.? In fact the software will also enable HR to organise their communications with their recruitment agency preferred suppliers.

Take the Request-to-recruit workflow for example… this process will ensure that all the relevant decision makers are in agreement about the type of role that’s needed, the job description and the ideal candidate.? So from this point, whether an agency takes the brief and sources the candidate or whether the internal recruitment team in HR does… is in my opinion, irrelevant.

Of course organisations that are growing fast are in higher need for a recruitment software than those who aren’t – but If the cost of the recruitment software takes into account the ROI and therefore in this case the number of positions that sourced through the system, then it shouldn’t matter – especially when that same software doesn’t incur a setup cost.

So here’s my quick list of why an organisation need recruitment software:

  • Stream-line entire process and save money and time
  • Create visibility and transparency between, Hiring managers, HR and the rest of the business
  • Create and maintain an up to date candidate database asset
  • Create and maintain a powerful talent pool system to recruit future roles from
  • Leverage the advertising power from all the job ads, for creating and maintaining a strong employer of choice brand. This can be done via a modern and SEO-based Career Site that advertises all the current positions
  • Have control of their Employer branding
  • Have control over their Internal Hiring strategy
  • Save money on Recruitment by hiring an internal recruitment team within HR to run the recruitment function in-house
  • Reduce recruitment advertising cost by taking advantage free job-boards and social sites – A good and modern recruitment software should come with a multi-posting function, that enable you to create a job ad once, and a single click, post it to multiple sites. This will allow you to take advantage of all the free job-boards and social sites for sourcing potential candidates.
  • Improving on the quality of the new candidates because of the effective forum that enables hiring managers, executives and HR to be on the same page and share their respective knowledge, experience and requirements
  • Integrate HRMS, HRIS, Recruitment, on-boarding and Payroll … and streamline processes, to prevent double handling and save money
  • Broken up processes and system lead to double handling and out-dated information – streamlining all the software assets within HR can only lead to increase in productivity

Anwar Khalil


Anwar Khalil


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