Branding through Quality ad copy and Consistency

How does an online ad reflect your company’s image?

Not only does it effect your company’s brand, but also changes your chances of securing the very best talent.

Your advertisements will make or break the initial impression you make on prospective applicants and subsequently could adversely effect your ability to make placements.

To improve the look, feel and effectiveness of your advertisements it is important to promote consistency. To do this you need to have restrictions put in place around what your team can and cannot place in an ad. This can be achieved in many ways within the adlogic system through the use of:

  • Job order and ad Templates
  • Splitting the job order into multiple sections, each with their own subheadings
  • Setting a minimum and maximum character limit per section
  • Disabling formatting for specific sections (i.e. remove the ability to bold/underline)

These simple steps can help you create a consistent look and feel across all your online ads almost immediately.

For more information or to setup any of these features feel free to contact our support team –


Anwar Khalil


Anwar Khalil



About MyRecruitment+

MyRecruitment+ is a cloud-based Recruitment Software and is used by 1,000s of users in over 10 countries.

MRPlus is the # 1 choice for corporate recruiters, who are looking for a system that’s modern, agile and doesn’t require a setup cost.

MRPlus Modules include:

  • Electronic Request-to-hire workflow
  • Posting to free and paid job-boards
  • Recruitment (Full ATS)
  • On-boarding with digital signing
  • Video Interviewing
  • Integration with Payroll systems
  • Career site & Internal hiring board

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