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The MyRecruitment+ Recruitment and Onboarding software can manage candidates, job ads and the onboarding process. We believe our cloud-based and SaaS recruitment software is easy to use and a straightforward platform with excellent features. Our software is affordable, and with its outstanding features, it can customize users request-to-recruit workflow and career website.

Designed and built for mobile first, it is accessible and available on all devices, whether its mobile, tablet or desktop. It has helped make recruitment manageable and successful. Users can post their job ads on paid and free job boards as well as social media sites and 100s more.

By automating emails and integrating recruiter’s calendars with candidates, our quick application process has made it easier than ever. Source candidates through talent communities and talent pools, where you can tag and find the perfect candidate. Our software also integrates with any Payroll or HRMS system. Find out why and how our Recruitment and Onboarding Software can help you and your company have a smooth and successful recruitment and onboarding process.


Genuine Free Plan

Eliminate your set up fees by trying our genuine free plan that allows users to test out our platform for as long as they like. It's perfect for small businesses who can use it for no extra cost. Don't be worried about any hidden fees, as MyRecruitment+ is the only free recruiting and onboarding software that can manage and take care of your recruitment and onboarding needs.

When it comes to larger companies and businesses, users can use their time to test our software and then decide whether they should upgrade to our Enterprise tier. Because our recruitment and onboarding software is free for users, it drastically reduces the massive risk of it not working for them. Don't ask yourself if you should or shouldn't just because of the dangers in costs; with MyRecruitment+ we eliminate this for you...perfect!


Multi-Posting and Live Editing

With 100s of job boards and social media sites, users can post their jobs to all of them. Whether they are free, paid or internal job boards, you can explore and find the ones that work for you. With free job boards such as Jora and Indeed, as well as paid job boards including Seek and Career Builder the possibilities are endless. Users can also post on social media sites including LinkedIn and Facebook. Perhaps you want to post your ad on your career website, or seek for current employees on your Intranet…whatever the case may be MyRecruitment+ can help you manage your recruitment and onboarding needs.

Users can create and customize their job boards, and even more beneficial; users can live edit their job ads. This means that any edit you make to any job ad from our platform, automatically gets updated across all the job boards you have published the job ad on. With so many options, we help make this process fast and efficient for all users and recruiters.

Request to Recruit

Job Requisition Workflow

With the MyRecruitment+ request-to-recruit workflow, it is so easy to use as well as excellent customization for the users and companies needs. Don’t change the way you work to suit and fit within our platform, merely try our plan and get quick and simple approval to suit your hiring method in minutes.

By accessing our platform on your mobile device, your executives and hiring managers can approve or reject candidates anywhere. Keep your HR, hiring managers and executives all on the same page with our customizable job requisition workflows; it’s never been easier.

Candidate Expierence

Perfect Candidate Journey

Build the entire candidate experience with MyRecruitment+. Create a journey for your candidates starting from your career site and why candidates should work for you, to then listing your job ad on job boards, to the application form, all the way past the onboarding process where they have signed the contract and complete paperwork and induction.

Customize and create all the steps throughout this process, where you can set up any automation such as accepting and offering or declining and sending a ‘sorry you were unsuccessful’ email. Make the perfect candidate journey easily accessible, as our software is built for mobile devices and can be accessed with just a swipe of a finger. Try our recruitment and onboarding software and discover how your candidate journey can be improved and remain successful.


Completely Mobile-Enabled

We believe in creating a platform that is 100 per cent responsive and works on all devices including mobile, tablet and desktop…that is why MyRecruitment+ is built mobile-first. This makes us more accessible than any other platform. Candidates can view your job adverts from all browsers and devices at whatever time and wherever they are. In regards to the user, they can approve or deny applications all on their mobile device.

We also have the candidate sharing page which helps HR, Hiring Manages and the Executives to be on the same page.  It powers collaboration between all the relevant stakeholders where the business can work together on recruitment.  It's the perfect platform for HR, and the Hiring Manages to collaborate and build consensus on shortlisting, interviewing and the rest of the recruitment process.

Mobility and accessibility are crucial to us especially when it links to the candidate experience. All our pages in our platform are responsive and will work for you and your company. With every step of the recruitment and onboarding process being candidate friendly, we can guarantee a smooth and manageable process.

Video Interviews

Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

With video interview technology, we truly believe it will add incredible value to ATS. Cut down on costs by interviewing candidates via video technology. By receiving such content, users can analyse and configure whether the candidate is perfect for the role.

All from within one platform, our users can now set up and create interview questions that candidates can send pre-recorded answers to the recruiter. Users can see for themselves the type of candidates they could be meeting with in person. When the questions are received by the candidate, they have a certain period to answer, where it can assess their manageability, creativity, confidence and knowledge.

Let’s say you ask a question to the candidate about a specific aspect of the role and what they know, and they continue to respond with “um” and “you know”; this can send a message to the recruiter that this candidate perhaps doesn't possess the knowledge and understanding of the role and industry.

Save time and money in not having to wait for the perfect time and place to meet or call candidates. This technology allows users the freedom when and where they choose to assess candidates…it’s a life saver.

Candidate Databases

Candidate Database

Finding potential candidates is performed quicker, easier and more efficient when you have the powerful tool of a candidate database. Users can then filter talent and categorise potential hires with keywords and resume parsing. View the most suited candidate for the job position, and you no longer have to stress when it comes to discovering the best talent.

Enter the information in the database such as years of experience, geolocation, even screening questions…the options can be endless. Segment your candidate database, and with the various options in finding candidates, you will see for yourself how having the powerful tool of a candidate database is the right option for you and your company.

Talent Communities

Talent Communities & Pools

With the MyRecruitment+ platform, users can build their talent communities and place specific roles and skills into pools or group. With talent pools, you could explain it as a segment in your database, where you can access and select candidates who have the right skills and capabilities for a role.

By filtering the desired skills and candidate suitability, users can find this to be a faster approach in finding their ideal candidate.

Keep candidates who showed great skill, yet were unsuccessful with their application; in doing this, you can go back into your talent pool and access candidate’s files for future job openings and possibilities. Place your candidates in specific categories to make it easier to search for later - such as journalism, sales, graphic designing and more. Place them in such groups for future reference; it helps and works every time.

Integration with Calendars

Integrate Calendar Invites

Use our platform to integrate your calendar with Google and Microsoft Office 365. Send instant invitations to candidates to schedule interviews and meetings; all combined with your calendar, the candidates and other employees. A perfect tool for users to schedule meetings with a potential candidate.

With this simple and quick integration, it will significantly benefit and increase your company’s potential as you will have an easy platform to communicate with one another. A great benefit is when you can add employees to the calendar invite.

Consider a situation where you want a hiring manager or the candidate’s potential manager to be a part of the recruitment process; just add them and will also receive the invitation and shortly after a confirmation email, which details the time, location, role position and more.


Automate Every Aspect of your Process

With MyRecruitment+ you can automate every step of the recruitment and onboarding process. Personalise and customise all aspects, where you can move the candidate to the next step in the recruitment process. By doing this, it will send your automated response whether they were successful or not.

MyRecruitment+ will self-automate all of this for you, to make it easier and less of a convenience. All emails are personalised, branded and can be scheduled for a set time. Add new stages in the recruitment and onboarding process with our system, and you will soon find out just how useful and helpful it is.

Don’t worry about how you can get back to every applied candidate...with just a simple click you can have all your recruitment and onboarding needs met.

Screening Questions

Pre-screen Candidates

In only a few short minutes, users can combine any job to their screening questions. By using our software, you can customize and include options for the candidate response, for example, single or multiple answers drop down, as well as number/dates and text box field. Your questions can be created instantly, and they also update automatically on your career site without any interference. So easy and it’s simple to work.

By creating the template of your choice, you can then save it for future job openings...use it as much as you like. Create different versions of your screening questions for certain roles and positions. It’s flexible to use, and our clients love it.

Career Sites

Custom Career Page & Job Boards

Design and create impeccable job ads on your career site and job boards; this can help brand your company as a leader of your industry. MyRecruitment+ will be able to provide our users with a platform that can integrate with their website and job boards. Our team can even help you design and create your job ads and career website; don’t stress just contact us to help.

Our responsive and flexible WordPress plugin can customize and create your job boards, as well as allowing candidates to apply for jobs on any device; mobile, tablet or desktop…so much flexibility it’s fantastic.

By customizing your job boards, you can tailor them and modify them to suit different roles and candidates, which can further help brand and boost your company. By having an excellent reputation and morale as a company, this can help also attract candidates to view your job adverts and click on your career website…win-win!

Itranet Job Board

Internal Recruitment

Build trust and loyalty within your company by hiring internally with the Intranet. Save thousands of dollars, time and resources by embedding your job boards within your Intranet. Encourage and motivate your employees with opportunities to grow within the company; let them know they’re hard work will be rewarded.

Users can implement their job boards within their platform, which can drastically benefit their employees and company. It will add value and also lower the risk of losing current employees. With MyRecruitment+ offering you this incredible feature as part of your platform, it will reduce your costs throughout the recruitment process.

HRMS Integration

Payroll Integration

Our platform can combine and integrate your company’s payroll with current and future employees. With such a seamless process of integration within the HR ecosystem, our platform can also include Police Check, Psychometric Testing, Assessment, Reference Checking and more.

An excellent attribution is that our platform can link with even HRMS system which can provide an end-to-end solution. We make it easier and faster for our users to combine new employees to the Payroll system and HR system with a few clicks of a button. We’ve even integrated with Sage MicroPay, Preceda and NGA Human Resources.

Your new employees can finish all their onboarding paperwork and be added to your system in a few moments… it’s so easy that anyone can do it. Users can even develop and create jobs in their HRMS so that their job approval request gets notified of a new job vacancy, and automatically gets initiated with our platform.




Digital Onboarding

The MyRecruitment+ platform can auto-generate contracts and forms that are a part of the recruitment and onboarding process. From the moment you post the job, to the final interview, and then to the onboarding process, our platform is there as the end-to-end onboarding solution.

Our platform attributes to HR and recruitment finding the right candidates. We’re there to help you do the work, as our flexible platform can offer you pre-set templates that generate such paperless forms like the letter of offer as well as induction and pre-onboarding tools and information. And this can be all done within a matter of seconds…how easy!

Change contracts and terms, as well as digitally signing contracts with our paperless onboarding process. Potential employees can receive their contract, digitally sign it and then send it straight back to you…no hassle and completely paperless.


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