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With MyRecruitment+, we believe you should be able to manage your candidates, job ads and onboarding process within an easy and straightforward platform. Affordable and easy to use, our cloud-based and SaaS recruitment software have excellent features such as customizing your request-to-recruit workflow and your career website.

Accessible and available on any device, including your mobile, tablet or desktop, it has helped in making recruitment much more manageable. Post your job ad to every free and paid job board at the same time; which quickens the recruitment process.

With our quick application process, we also automate emails and integrate your calendar with candidates and current employees. Create talent communities and source future candidates that show potential. Our Recruitment Software can also integrate with your HRMS or Payroll system. Discover how our recruitment software features can help make your onboarding and recruitment process a manageable and smooth system.


100% Free

Start with our 100 per cent real free plan and upgrade once you are confident it's the right platform for you.  Excellent for small businesses who can use it forever at no extra cost. When it comes to larger corporations, it's the perfect place to start for testing before they purchase any paid plans or sign up for the Enterprise tier. 

MyRecruitment+ is the only Free Cloud-Based Recruitment and Onboarding Software that helps manage all your recruitment and onboarding needs...don't be worried about the hidden costs and fees! You can be up and running in no time with our no setup cost and our no upfront investment. It's so easy to get started, just sign up and create your free plan now! 


Post Jobs On Multiple Sites

In just a couple of clicks, you will be able to post your job to several job-boards to draw in candidates at no cost! Free job boards like Indeed and Jora, as well as social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all accessible, plus 100s more.
Additionally, you'll be able to post your jobs to paid job boards like Monster, Career Builder, and plenty of others. With so many available sites potential candidates can now apply and access your career site...easily done! 
By increasing the chance and your potential to hire new talent, our job postings can further lower your risk of not finding the perfect candidate for your company. We do it fast and make it easier for all recruiters. 

Request to Recruit

Customizable Request-to-Recruit Work Flow

You don't need to compromise by adjusting the way you work to fit our platform; the MyRecruitment+ request-to-recruit workflow is easy to customise to suit your company's hiring process. 

You can approve requests from anywhere, with the MyRecruitment+ requisition approval working on all devices! With a swipe of the finger, your executives can approve and reject candidate applications in just a few moments. 

We make sure it fits your process and never get stuck, where admin users have full control over all inflight requests, such as resending or terminating an approval for a request. 

Candidate Expierence

The Complete Candidate Experience

Perfect for your candidate experience as MyRecruitment + is designed for mobile first; therefore can work on all devices, be it your tablet, mobile or desktop. Every step of the recruitment and onboarding process is candidate friendly, starting from the application form to the probity forms, and all the way to the digital contract signing.

With such a smooth candidate experience, your candidates will have a complete and perfect's that simple. Offer an experience for new talent by trying our free recruitment software where you will see the difference.


Created as Mobile-First

With MyRecruitment+, candidates can view your job site and adverts from all browsers and devices, allowing you to access our software anytime and anywhere. When it comes to the user, you can approve and process applications to then go all away to the onboarding process; all on your mobile device. You don't have to worry, MyRecruitment+ has you covered.

With our candidate sharing page, it can perfectly power any recruitment model and keep you and your business on the same page. This is done by building consensus and creating visibility between HR, hiring managers and executives, where they can access and review candidates. You don't have to download all the paperwork, just review, share your comments and rate your candidates within your system. This builds accountability and transparency.

We are created as mobile first and desktop second, making us more accessible than any other platform. Our system can be accessed from all devices and browsers, be it a mobile, tablet or desktop.

Video Interviews

Quick & Accessible Video Interviews

An excellent feature of the MyRecruitment+ platform is pre-recorded video interviews. Instead of only meeting 5 candidates who are available to come in for a face-to-face interview, you can access dozens more with video interviews. Find out what soft skills your candidates possess; simply access and assess candidates by reviewing their pre-recorded interviews online. This can become a more efficient and quick process of recruiting new talent.

You can see for yourself if the interviewee is ideal for the role. For example, if you are looking for a candidate in sales, are they speaking clearly? Do they have good body language and can talk comfortably without faltering? Is their required language perfect? All these questions should be considered and can improve your recruitment process.

Another great tool with this feature is that candidates can record and send it straight to you without ever leaving the office. Don't waste valuable time when you're busy; video interviewing is becoming the next best thing for recruitment.

Candidate Databases

Segment Candidate Database

One of the most powerful features of our platform is being able to segment your candidate database. This is important as you can alter and filter your candidate database by adjusting the geolocation, adding keywords, screening questions and more.

You can find your candidates in so many different ways with our platform, and that's what makes it great. Don't hassle over how you're going to discover the best talent, filter the skills you require your candidates to have, their years of experience, distance from the work location, and more; the choices will be presented to you.

Talent Communities

Talent Pools & Communities

Create your own talent communities where you can filter and access potential candidates suited to the open position you are recruiting for. By tagging candidates you can categorise them with their certain skills and expertise. You can then access your talent pools, or more known as 'talent on tap'; and find the candidates who could potentially be your new employee. Tagging candidates are so simple to do and won't cost you any time at all. 
Let's say you have a candidate from a previous job interview that was unsuccessful for the role but who you knew had excellent skills and potential; merely tag them for future reference, and with MyRecruitment+ your talent pools can search for those candidates in just a few seconds. 
With each candidate who has future potential, you can merely categorise them according to their fields such as sales, marketing, media relations, advertising, or whatever you decide the tag should be, whether it's a job title, expertise, skills and more. You decide what the tag should be and then once made you can then place them in certain groups for future reference.
Don't be worried about forgetting that candidate who caught your eye; you can keep them in your system and bring them back up when it's the right time. 

Integration with Calendars

Simple Calendar Integration

With MyRecruitment+, we integrate your calendar with Google calendar and Microsoft Office 365. A quick and simple way for you to schedule interviews within our platform, that also pops up in your candidates' email, as well as other employees.

Whether you are organising interviews or meetings, this simple calendar integration greatly benefits your team with quick and easy communication between the recruiter, the candidates, management and the company.

If you are meeting with a candidate and also wish to include their possible manager or supervisor to be involved in the recruitment process, they will also receive an email and later an email confirmation. No need to leave the office and try to find them, or send them a separate email giving them details. This is all automated and integrated for you.


Your Recruitment Automation Process

Automate every step of the recruitment process with our recruitment and onboarding software. Merely move the candidate to the next stage of the recruitment process, and it will automate for you, for example, if you wish to send a 'thankful for applying' email or 'sorry, you have been unsuccessful' email, MyRecruitment+ will self-operate it all for you. 
One of the most popular features of the automation is that all the emails are branded, personalised and can even be delayed. Now candidates don't have to worry about never receiving a follow-up email, as you can send your email to candidates on whether they have progressed or have been unsuccessful. 
Let's say you wish to go ahead with a candidate you interviewed, but are meeting someone else later that day; automate your emails by delaying with your response; simple and very manageable. 

Screening Questions

Custom Screening Questions For Potential Candidates

Build the perfect form of candidate screening questions by creating the template of your choice. You can customise and include options such as single answer drop down, multiple choice drop down, as well as dates and text box field. You can also save these questions as a template for future job openings that you can reuse again and again. 
MyRecruitment+ makes it easier for you and your candidates with this excellent feature. It's perfect for recruiters to get answers off candidates in a simple yet effective manner. Create several templates of custom screening questions, all of which are suited for different roles. For example, you wouldn't ask a sales representative how many hours they can work in a mine. Each template has its own unique options, suited right for you.



Career Sites

Job-Board On Your Website

MyRecruitment+ will be able to provide you with a platform that can integrate with your website and available job postings. With our flexible WordPress plugin, you are able to create and customise your job boards on your website and career site, where candidates can view and apply for your jobs on any device; whether it's your mobile, tablet or desktop!

MyRecruitment+ has the application form builder that can create all the relevant information and questions you will need on the application form. Design and build with our platform, wherein minutes you can upload your logo and customised font for the job boards on your site.

 Customise your job boards and tailor them to suit particular roles or candidates; this should boost your company brand; which can attract the right candidate to view your site and check out your job boards.

Itranet Job Board

Internal Recruitment With Intranet

Save thousands of dollars in recruitment by accessing your Intranet and hiring internally. By improving your employee experience, you'll build loyalty within your company and much more. With our software platform offering you this brilliant feature, it will significantly benefit and reduce costs for your recruitment process.

Embed your job boards within your Intranet to promote and reach out to your employees. Encourage your team to progress in their career and build a support system that your company can help to grow. Internally hire employees who can add more value to your company and lower your risk of candidate turnover.

HRMS Integration

Payroll & HRMS Integration

Our platform can link with any payroll or HRMS system to provide an end-to-end solution for our corporate clients. By incorporating our platform with your payroll system and HRMS, MyRecruitment+ can seamlessly process your HR it Police Checks, Testing, Assessment, Reference Checks and more.

MyRecruitment+ is currently integrating with Sage MicrOpay Payroll, Preceda from NGA Human Resources, Chris21 and on the verge of 5 other integrations with companies such as PayGlobal from MYOB and AURION! 
Our platform makes it easier and quicker for new candidates to be instantaneously added to your system once they've completed all relevant onboarding paperwork...with just a few clicks of a button, all the information can be transferred over to the Payroll and applicable HR system. Create jobs from your HRMS, so that when a job vacancy gets triggered the job approval request is instantly initiated and created with MyRecruitment+. 


End-to-End Digital Onboarding Solution

Our end-to-end digital recruitment onboarding process is there to do the work for you. With the flexibility of our platform, it can auto-generate contracts and forms such as the banking form and tax form. Our pre-set templates can generate your letter of offer as well as induction just a few seconds!

Get your new employee to complete all forms easily and conveniently. You can even change existing employees contracts or terms in the click of a button. With our paperless onboarding process, candidates can digitally sign and send their contracts to you instantaneously.

Candidates can catch the train back home and read their contracts with ease, no need for paperwork in hand; all online and completed within a few minutes. Instead of having to receive emails of scanned paperwork, recruiters and companies can see the progress of a candidates onboarding with our recruitment and software system.


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