Our mission...

To enable companies to take charge of their own recruitment and on-boarding destiny.

To enable companies to take charge of their own recruitment and on-boarding destiny.

About Us

MyRecruitment+ is a recruitment and on-boarding platform used by in-house and agency recruiters, to manage their job ads, candidates and their new-employee contracts & forms.

Founded in 2003, in Sydney Australia, the company is growing at a rate of 200% per year with clients in over 10 countries.




Company was founded out of a two-bedroom apartment in Balmain, about 5km from the centre of Sydney, Australia.


The Balmain apartment soon became too crowded for the 5 developers and so everyone moved into the offices of BSI, the company's first investor.


The first product Adlogic; a job posting platform, was launched in the recruitment industry. Adlogic literally created the "Job Multi-posting" category - a real pioneer and huge success. Adlogic became the fastest growing product in the history of the recruitment industry in Australia and New Zealand. Within 2 years, the product was adopted by 18 of the largest recruitment companies on the market including both Adecco and Randstad.


The company moved into its own home - an office in the centre of Sydney city and became a major sponsor of the RCSA (The Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Australia & New Zealand.


MyRecruitment+ was launched - MyRecruitment+ was created in the views to take the very successful job posting software Adlogic, and complement it with candidate management features in order to arrive at a fully fledged ATS (Applicant Tracking System). However, flexibility and ease of use were fundamentally imperative to the underlying architecture of the platform. Every new-idea discussion that we had internally or with our clients from then on in, were centred around custom-fields and other customisation hooks.

The team began the work starting with the latest Java-based technology stack that's out there and started talking to our clients and building one candidate management feature at at time. By 2012, we began to feel confident to pitch MyRecruitment+ as a modern, next-generation ATS for corporate clients.


The team released the most significant function, which is 100% dedicated to in-house recruitment users - the 'request-to-recruit' approval workflow. They collaborated very closely with our HR clients to capture the requirements, and embarked on a solution that would be flexible enough so that any company, in any industry, anywhere in the world can easily customise it to make it work for them. The first iteration of the product was OK but not great. However, within 6 months of the first release, iteration 2 was released and it was an incredible success.


The On-boarding module was launched - after a numerous amount of requests from our clients for on-boarding functionality, our CEO invited 8 of our closest clients into an off-site, full day conference to discuss on-boarding requirements. This was the beginning of the MyRecruitment+ on-boarding module.


The on-boarding module became a fully functioning, completely paperless system. We released our first new employment pack containing a contract, 4 forms and read-only PDF document. This module was integrated with a cutting edge digital signing capability, allowing both internal and external parties to sign the contract and any other supporting documents, efficiently and 100% online.


With the success we've had in Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries coupled with the vast intellectual property of how to build and market a recruitment software, the board decided that we have to take this success into the rest of the world. The team immediately began working on ensuring that there was nothing in the platform that was specifically local so it could be ready and available for all global clients. By June the product was launched into the global market and clients from over 10 different countries signed up and began using our platform.


The Free-plan was launched - The board decided that providing a free recruitment system to small companies could be the most generous way to create a positive and substance-based word-of-mouth about our product. Having a genuine free offer and not an up-sell platform was the one condition we had in mind when planning the offering details. On this basis, we figured that a small company with up to 50 employees could be using our product for free if they were happy to recruit one role at a time. The free-plan was designed and brought to market by June.


The company invested heavily into R&D and focused on ideas that came from the clients. Some of the development also focused on making the free-plan offering more smoother for new clients to onboard themselves on their own and very quickly. The results from listening to the clients has been extraordinary as it both built a huge loyalty and provided ample of client referrals for our platform.


The company grew by 50% and continued to invest in the R&D of new features that complement the platform. In March of 2019 the very exciting Video Interviewing module was launched and was received really well by the user community. The Onboarding and E-Forms were the main focus and will continue to be for the rest of the year.

"We made the great decision to partner with MyRecruitment+ and honestly haven’t looked back."


Krystle Divertie
Resource Manager