The company

The MyRecruitment+ platform is owned by Martian Logic Pty Limited, an Australian company based in Sydney. Martian Logic is 100% Australian and its board is made up of our Founder Anwar Khalil, a former recruiter Andrew Grover, a former CFO and now investor Dilip Khakhar and a professional investor Ivan Kaye.

A bit of history

Martian Logic launched its first product adlogic in 2005, which was a recruitment advertising platform that pioneered the job multi-posting category. In 2011 adlogic evolved into MyRecruitment+ which is an end-to-end and cloud-based Recruitment and On-boarding platform.


MyRecruitment+ has 1,000's of active users in over 10 countries and across 4 continents.


Sarah Dickson
Operations Manager, People & Culture

"Our partnership with MyRecruitment+ has been amazing and helped us to transform and reinvent our Recruitment & On-boarding process. The product team is super motivated and so it's fun working with them on new and challenging ideas."
Karen Foster
Director People and Culture

"My Recruitment+ provides us with the versatility and functionality to meet the needs of our expanding organisation. We love the ability to self customise it without having to be dependent on the vendor."
Catherine Tumelty
Recruitment Manager

"Our hiring managers and I, use MR+ for the entire recruitment process and we love it. The support team is exceptional and the product continues to go from strength to strength."
Peter Davis
Managing Director

"We have been using the multi-posting module for over 10 years now and since the early days of adlogic.
We are also using the context-based candidate search and we find it fast, intelligent and powerful."
Hazel Rigler
Director of Marketing & eCommerce

"We have been using MyRecruitmentPlus for over 4 years and we are very satisfied with the service. The software allows our company to streamline the recruitment process in a professional efficient manner via many channels."
Kerryn Scott
HR Manager

"Our candidates love the MyRecruitment+ paperless on-boarding experience - they like it because it's faster, efficient and works on mobiles and tablets."
Glenn Kitto
Manager, Human Resources

"The Onboarding module is both paperless and automated, and so it saves us many hours of valuable HR resources time. We generate the pack containing the contract & forms, and have the candidate sign it and complete the forms in less than an hour."


Our clients come from all walks of life - public and private companies, non-for-profit organisations, government divisions and others - we value the support, good will and advocacy we receive from our clients, and; we're very proud of the strong business relationships we've built with many of them.