Customisation – powerful yet easy to self manage

This concept is at the very heart of our approach to building a CLOUD-based software.

From the very beginning, we wanted to build a platform that’s customisable yet doesn’t require expert consultants to tweak it.

customisation platform

Control Your Own Destiny

Don’t you hate it, when you have to wait for a support person for hours and even days sometimes… just to make a small change to your account?

And when you know in your heart that it’s so easy to do… and so you should be able to do it yourself… right there and then… isn’t this frustrating and unnecessary waste of everybody’s time?

Well this is how we feel too 🙂

This simply applies to any account tweaking function that either us or our clients, identify that admin users should be able to do themselves.

Well whenever this realisation happen, we just do it – we build such tweaking capability as part of the admin and customisations tools… and we let our clients decide who and when among their users, should have access to it – doesn’t this make a perfect sense?

What parts of MyRecruitment+ can you customise?

Almost everything in MyRecruitment+ is customisable from the Requisition Form (request-to-hire), Requisition Workflow, creating and managing users, account divisional hierarchy… to Screening questions and email and SMS communication templates… and to many more features

Also Your job ad fields, you Career Section within either your Intranet or Website, to the Candidate Database, the Candidate Talent pool fields and Candidate search filters…
Trust me you will be impressed and more than satisfied with the flexibility of the system… but what’s equally important to flexibility, is the fact that initially we do all that work for you – we setup your account, customise it and hand it over to you…

all ready to go and at no cost to you.

We setup your account, We train you on how to use it and then when you’re ready we show you how to customise it yourself – so you don’t have to worry about how to customise your account at the beginning if you’re not ready.

So how it works is gradually and at your own pace, you can continue to refine your account on the need to do basis. And we’re here to guide you and help you whenever you’re stuck – we have the best phone and email support team in the industry and they are all local and world-class professionals.


API and Integration type of customisation

We have built a various methods of integrating with partner software providers in the HR ecosystem such as payroll. We have API(s) that developers can use for integration with other systems or within their Intranet for providing an Internal Vacancies page.


Customise your Career Section within your Website or Intranet (Internal vacancies)

We also empower your own IT/design guys to customise your own Career Section and the micro job-board we provide for you within your own website or Intranet.

We have already developed plug-ins for the following market leading Content Management Systems (CMS): WordPress, Joomla and more!