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At MyRecruitment+, start with a free Applicant Tracking System account that’s perfect for small companies to use for free forever; as for larger companies’ users can use MyRecruitment+ for testing before buying…perfect for peace of mind.

Our Applicant Tracking System comes with a genuine and value-packed free-plan and is the only Free Cloud-Based and SaaS Recruitment and Onboarding Software. We help users take care of all their onboarding and recruitment needs, plus no extra costs or hidden fees. You don’t have to worry if there’s a catch or if after 30 days you have to pay…there’s none of that here at MyRecruitment+. It’s so easy to make an account, and it only takes a few minutes.

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MyRecruitment+ is the only recruitment platform in the world to offer a 100% genuine FREE-Tier. Gone are the days where enterprise-grade ATS platforms were only available to the elite 1% of corporate firms. Our Free-Tier enables many small-medium businesses to have a premium ATS without paying thousands of dollars.

Our vision at MyRecruitment+ is to offer a free platform that enables small businesses to run their entire recruitment in-house and hopefully become advocates for us out there in the industry. No 30-day trial. No Credit Card needed. Just sign up and use it for free forever to hire one employee at a time. Enjoy & Share!

MyRecruitment+ is used in 10+ countries