Simple Current Vacancies page or a multi-page Recruitment micro-site


Whether you’re a recruitment agency or a HR department looking to list your current vacancies on your own website, adlogic, the posting part of MyRecruitment+ is the perfect product for you. Our job board software comes with many modules such as Candidate Registration, Social Sharing, Enhanced Listing, Email Job Alert Subscription, Hot Jobs tickers and many more.

Email Job Alert Subscription

Job Seekers can subscribe to a Job Alert email – daily, weekly or monthly

Your candidates can subscribe to a range of jobs they’re interested in, and they can decided on the frequency they would like to be communicated with. adlogic will overnight match any jobs you might have created during the day with the relevant subscribers and send emails to them containing links to the jobs.

The emails themselves containing the links to the jobs are branded and formatted to the highest quality on the market – they certainly serve as a significant branding tool, while stream-lining quality applications from this very targeted and therefore relevant target market.

After a candidate reads the job title and its’ short description in the email, they click on the link – the full ad on your website is opened and the candidate finds themselves reading the ad details on your own website. This generates more clicks to your domain name and provides other up-sell potential while the user is on your website.

Highest SEO standards in the industry

SEO intellectual property is encapsulated in our job board software

SEO is the heart and soul of our job board technology – we believe that your “Current Vacancies” page is almost worthless if your target job seekers can’t find it.

To give your page a good chance of being found, your page has to rank high on Google.

The good news is that you don’t have to know anything about SEO ranking – we do it all for you … think about it this way:

When you tick a job and send it to your website, in that single 1 second click, adlogic encapsulates millions of dollars worth of intellectual property, with the ad in a single capsule and sends it to your website.
This will keep Google happy and will keep you focused on Recruitment rather than technology.

Candidate Registration

Candidates can simply submit their resumes to you

Candidates don’t have to apply for a specific role for them to get in touch with you and submit their resumes to you – they can simply click on a button and submit their details and resumes to you – the submit your resume/details form can be customized to suit your business …., the auto-response generated from it is fully customized too and differentiated from the normal job-specific application.

Hot jobs ticker

Cool & dynamic module to present featured jobs

From adlogic, the posting module of MyRecruitment+, all you have to do is tick a job ad to be a HOT job, and we take care of the rest – we can display the latest hot jobs for you on your recruitment website in a variety of ways, creating a catchy dynamic feature on your website. This feature gives the impression to your target visitors that you are a dynamic company with constantly fresh content and so fresh career opportunities.