Native and seamless
in your workflow
in only a few hours
Automated and digital
within the MyRecruitment+

How it works

Seamless in your workflow
Simply add it as a progress stage!
In a single click send a branded email to your candidate requesting them to complete a ‘Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check’. In MyRecruitment+ we’ve made the police check a native stage that any client adds it to any step within their process. Once the candidate has been moved to the appropriate stage, their pre-employment check can be initiated with one click!
Instant activation with a credit card
Instantly activated and ready to use!
Native to the platform, users can purchase Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks in packs, starting at the minimum of 10, and instantly begin using them. Purchasing and conducting pre-employment checks has never been easier! Packs are purchased with any card, at any time, and within the platform. Once purchased, the checks are immediately activated and ready to use!
Track the progress of the request!
Transparent and instant status updates.
With our seamless and completely integrated recruitment and onboarding software, you never have to leave the MyRecruitment+ platform. Initiate Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks within the platform, and track the status of each request… from the candidate receiving the email request, to uploading their documents, to document verification and then the final ACIC certified report… The stages of progress for each initiated check are completely visible to all authorised users.
ACIC report is available within hours!
And you’re instantly notified.
The final Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check report is generated within a few hours and ACIC certified. Once the report is complete and available, the appropriate users are immediately notified, and the report is stored to the candidate’s profile for future reference and easy access.

Flexible Payment Options

The company pays, or the candidate pays…it’s up to you!
MyRecruitment+ is an enterprise grade platform, providing our users with ultimate flexibility and customisation. The same functionality is provided for our Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check Module! Whilst the packs are purchased by users and credited to their MyRecruitment+ platform, users have the option to request payment from the candidates undergoing the pre-employment check.