Since we launched our multi-posting platform adlogic in 2004, we have built partnerships and integrated with over 250 job-boards - unfortunately the job-board market is a very dynamic market and some providers decide to discontinue their services - we currently integrate with over 100 job-boards and we constantly in consultation with our clients, add one or two job-boards to our platform, each month.

Please see the list of job-boards that are most posted to by our users.

Social Media Sites

We are one of the pioneering systems that allowed recruiters to attract eyeballs and source candidates from social sites, by enabling them to post job ads to social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

We currently enable recruiters to post ads to their LinkedIn profile and/or their LinkedIn company page. We do the same thing for Twitter and Facebook too. With Facebook not only we enable users to post ads onto the wall of their company page, we also create a job-board for them within their Facebook company page.

Partnership with LinkedIn: In addition to the above mentioned posting capabilities to post job ads to a LinkedIn company or to a person's profile... we are currently rolling out the "Limited Listing" partnership with LinkedIn. The Limited listing allows our corporate users to post unlimited ads to the LinkedIn job-board for FREE. Please find more information on the LinkedIn Limited Listing offering.

Seamless Process

MyRecruitment+ currently integrates with Sage MicrOpay Payroll and Preceda from NGA Human Resources. We are currently working on integration with PayGlobal from MYOB and Aurion. We are committed to integrate with any Payroll / HRMS system that our clients use, in order to create a seamless integrated solution for our clients.

Video Interview

Our end-to-end Recruitment Software MyRecruitment+ will have video interviewing by the end of June.

This June, we will be releasing a full Video Interviewing offering, by partnering with Sparkhire, the Global Leader in video interviewing.

Our clients will be able to gain more insight and knowledge about the candidates you’re thinking of hiring, in a fraction of the time that a phone interview would take.

Here’s some of the high-level features that the Video Interviewing module will contain:

  • Seamless integration from within MyRecruitment+
  • Live video interviews
  • One-way interviews
  • Sharing features with colleagues, hiring managers/clients, and;
  • Much much more!

This will also empower candidates to easily complete video interviews with flexibility on how you setup the interview and how you invite them.

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