Accurate & Unbiased

Psychometric Talent Assessment

Using organisational psychology & technology we extract psychometrics from video interviews

Deep cognitive insights
into their personality,
soft skills & traits
Like a panel of experts
except at a faction of the cost
and time required
Frictionless & online
software solution that’s
quick and open 24/7

How it works

The MyRecruitment+ Talent Assessment technology packages data-informed best practices and 50+ years of advanced industrial/organisational psychology and breaks them down in actionable, easy-to-use information.

Seamless in your
The MyRecruitment+ talent assessment module is seamlessly automated and integrated within our users’ workflow. Our users simply move a candidate to the ‘Talent Assessment’ stage and are automatically prompt to pick a template to send to the candidate.
Send Invites
in 3 clicks
In a few clicks you invite a candidate to record a video interview. The candidate clicks on a link sent to their email and spends a few minutes recording their answers in the comfort of their home, and even on their mobile. As soon as the video interview is submitted our AI technology analyses the recorded videos and within 15 minutes a talent assessment report is produced, and the user is notified of its viewability.

Communication is moving online
and to video

Video Interviews are now very well accepted by both the candidates and the HR community as a frictionless and affordable way to shed light on the soft skills, and personality traits of candidates.

Our solution builds on this standard and adds value to the process by applying various technologies, including AI, to extract accurate, reliable and affordable information. This is done using behavioural science and the Big-5 psychometric assessment framework, which is the most widely accepted psychometric framework globally.

How Talent Assessment Adds A Huge Value To In-house Recruitment

Better, faster and more consistent talent assessment as machines aren't susceptible to bad days


Unbiased talent assessment as machines are objective and don’t discriminate!

Perfect For Teams

In a single click, share the interview videos and the talent assessment report with hiring managers or other stakeholders.

Reduces drop-off

Reduce the drop-off rate during the assessment phase by introducing an assessment method that can be completed in minutes rather than hours, and eliminating the discomfort of being assessed by a panel-of-expert psychologists.


You don’t have to be Google to afford sophisticated talent assessment support in your recruitment process. Our video-based technology makes talent assessment accessible to the masses.

Open 24/7

Unlike a panel of experts, you don’t have to ask the software for a convenient time. You can invite a candidate to complete the pre-employment check and view the assessment report in less than 30 minutes.

The Science Behind It

Our technology is built by HR practitioners, organisational psychologists and data scientists working with researchers who focus on the validity of the output and mitigating adverse impact from biases.

The technology derives behavioural insights from video and audio. Our scientifically validated assessment service uses trained professionals and natural language processing to assess an individual’s soft skills, the Big 5 personality traits and more.

Speech And Verbal Skills

The speaker’s naturally spoken answers are transcribed into text automatically in 60+ languages. The speech’s content is then analysed linguistically for word choice, sentence construction preferences and more using natural language processing.

Non-Verbal Cues

Also called prosody— is the process of analyzing not just what is said but how it is said. Elements like tone, pitch, emotions and other non-verbal elements of communication that help provide a full picture of a person’s communication style.

Vetted for Subconscious Bias

Our pre-processing algorithms and datasets are constantly vetted for adverse impacts that can arise from demographic, physical, linguistic and cognitive differences between individuals.

The Cost

Start with a free trial and then purchase the pack with the number of assessments that suits your budget!

The MyRecruitment+ Talent Assessment pricing model is very flexible and affordable. Start your free plan if you don’t already have one and once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to trial it for free.

It’s so easy to test it!

We have worked very hard to make it super easy for a new user to complete a full assessment within 5 minutes. You can test it on yourself, or with real candidates! All you have to do is create a free plan.

Purchase In Affordable Packs

You’ll be able to use your credit card to purchase one of the paid packs that we offer. We offer 5 different packs with the smallest starting at $242. Once you’ve purchased a pack, they’re instantly activated in your account and ready to use!