Targeted Reverse Marketing!

You can now match candidates to clients/prospects and reverse market them with targeted email campaigns.Once your campaign is sent out, you can then:

  • Find out who opened your email campaign, and;
  • See who clicked on links you might’ve had in the campaign emails.

Please call Support to show you how to get started with this new feature.



Anwar Khalil



P:  +61 2 9262 1745

About MyRecruitment+

MyRecruitment+ is a cloud-based Recruitment Software, that’s used by 1,000s of users in over 10 countries.

MRPlus is the # 1 choice for corporate recruiters, who are looking for a system that’s modern, agile and doesn’t require a setup cost.

MRPlus Modules include:

  • Electronic Request-to-hire workflow
  • Posting to free and paid job-boards
  • Recruitment (Full ATS)
  • On-boarding with digital signing
  • Video Interviewing
  • Integration with Payroll systems
  • Career site & Internal hiring board


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