The MOST efficient Application conveyor belt in the WORLD

We’ve fine-tuned our flagship application processing even further…We call it the “Application Conveyor Belt”!

  • For example, In a single click, you can move candidate James Smith to the “Unsuccessful” stage
  • Instead of the whole page refreshing, now only James’ row will refresh So you can move straight on to the next record – just like a production line!
  • Moving through your candidate page in this way, you can quickly process bulk amounts of candidates with minimal disruption therefore maximum efficiency

Please call Support to show you how to use this feature.



Anwar Khalil



P:  +61 2 9262 1745


About MyRecruitment+

MyRecruitment+ is a cloud-based Recruitment Software, that’s used by 1,000s of users in over 10 countries.

MRPlus is the # 1 choice for corporate recruiters, who are looking for a system that’s modern, agile and doesn’t require a setup cost.

MRPlus Modules include:

  • Electronic Request-to-hire workflow
  • Posting to free and paid job-boards
  • Recruitment (Full ATS)
  • On-boarding with digital signing
  • Video Interviewing
  • Integration with Payroll systems
  • Career site & Internal hiring board


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