Candidate experience dictates who’s attracted to your employer brand and who ends up completing your application process.

So here are 3 tips on key areas that affect your candidates’ experience and ultimately the calibre and success rate of your new hires.

Tip # 1 – Responsive Career Site

How well does your career site work on mobiles?

Your career site is without a doubt… the absolute main ambassador of your employer of choice brand! It’s a huge mistake not to make sure it’s relevant, engaging, up to date, and works on all devices. The first and most important aspect of a career site, beside the content that is…, is making sure that it functions well on all devices and in particular on mobiles.


Tip # 2 – The application funnel

What’s your drop-off rate?

OK, let’s assume that you do have a nice and responsive career site… a nice job-board and great ad copies… but what happens when the candidates click on the “Apply” button! Sadly, for a lot of great companies out there, this is where the application journey becomes a nightmare. A dreadful drop-off rate!

You’ve got to a) . have a responsive application form, and b) . make sure the questions are tight and relevant for mobile devices. Don’t ask them to write an essay from their phones! Perhaps you can collect this information at a later stage. Don’t make it too hard for good candidates who have already have a job and therefore are NOT desperate enough to go through too many hoops!


Tip # 3 – Keep candidates informed – respect always pays off!


Don’t ghost them! let them know where they’re at, even if it’s a NO!

I would argue that even if you say NO to a candidate, they could still be advocates of your employer brand if you say it respectfully and appropriately.

All candidates deserve to know what’s happened to their applications. The biggest complaint that candidates have about recruiters is that they all too often don’t get back to them. Let’s stop hearing things like “as if my application fell into a deep well!!!!”.

There’s no excuse for being busy! A modern ATS should allow you to automate those responses… so even if you are too busy, the candidates will still get an update.

I hope you that you found these points useful and best of luck with it all.

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