Recruitment Software is everywhere and constantly changing; more then you think; which can make finding the right one a bit of a complicated situation. The stress, the time pressure, the questions of “which is better? Which is best?”, can quickly become a nightmare – but only if you let it. Your Applicant Tracking System focuses on tracking applicants, whereas your Recruitment Software helps you connect with candidates. The connection is key.

It comes to no surprise that free software is always preferred. Money is still one of the more critical factors and pressing concerns when deciding on which recruitment software to purchase. If you’re working for a small business or starting one yourself, your finances may be limited and hold a strict budget.

When you have a budget and don’t get me wrong, even if you have no budget, you don’t want anyone to take you on a ride. How do you know which software to pick, and does it have hidden costs? It reminds me of when I try ‘free’ apps on my phone, and exactly 30 days later they cut off my access and request my card details for future use. It makes it even worse when it’s a perfect application. You become conflicted. They did say it was free and are now asking for me to pay, so I feel slightly cheated, but it’s an excellent app. Is it worth it? You would much rather prefer upfront honesty about what you’re getting yourself in to. I wish I did. With Recruitment Software you deserve the same honesty.


With any HR or recruitment professional, they have ongoing questions of, how will this improve our process? How will this help my team overcome specific challenges? How are you different from hundreds of other recruitment software? And on and on they go. All answers are to come; as the majority of companies know how to sell their software; but there are further pressing questions that will add more value to your challenge in finding the right recruitment software. These such questions include the following.

1. Are any members of the support team recruiters or ex-recruiters?

Why would you purchase recruitment software without a support team that knows about the business? If they have no experience and knowledge you can’t reach out and ask for help and ongoing support. It’s crucial for them to know how the industry works and what can benefit the business. If they can’t help you, there’s no point; it’s pretty obvious.

Another bonus question to ask since we’re on the topic of support is whether the support team is available 24/7 and if they’re in-house or through an external outlet. Will you have Free Support and perhaps even Free Training to keep track of the changes the recruitment software is making? You also don’t want to purchase a recruitment software that has hidden costs when it comes to training and support.

2. Where is the data being stored?

It’s essential to work with a software platform that holds strong security measures. This data is ultimately your business and to trust a company with your information is an essential element of considering which recruitment software to purchase.

You could even enquire to be connected to clients and reach out for their reviews of the product. Have they had a good experience? Are there any features that could be improved? Their reports can help you in making a decision.

3. Is it cloud-based?

The ultimate recruitment software is cloud-based, where most modern and successful recruitment systems have this implemented within their platform. Having a cloud-based system has its pros and cons. You won’t need any support or hardly any from your IT department when you use it, and it drastically minimizes your investment costs; which can be a prime factor in why so many companies delay the process of picking a software company.

Don’t forget to ask questions in regards to data ownership, privacy and hosting. Check your jurisdiction and company policy and requirements. Ensure the company can guarantee (in writing) that if you choose to leave one day, that all your data will be transferred and processed to you. Keep in mind notice periods vary between companies, so find out the notice period before making your purchase.

4. What browsers are available and do you have an app?

Does the company have an app that users can access, as well as candidates and other employees? Think about working directly off your mobile device or tablet, and how easy it will be to receive digitally signed contracts and automated emails with just a swipe of your finger. Will the software work on Chrome and Safari? This should be considered when searching for the perfect recruitment software.

By having an app that works for mobile is very important for candidate experience, as well as making it accessible and easy to use. You shouldn’t have to wait to work on your PC or laptop to access recruiting candidates and conducting the onboarding process. Cutting time will increase your chance to find the perfect candidate, and time is money; let’s not waste it.

5. How long does it take?

You don’t want to be using software that takes hours to load, and minutes to select an option. These aren’t the days back when we had to get off the phone to use The Internet and wait all day to download one song.

You need a recruitment software company to provide you with quality service and a fantastic product that will manage your candidates, ads, onboarding, and further recruitment needs. There shouldn’t be any time wasted, which in translation costs your company even more money.

6. Does it link to your Career site?

Do they offer customizable features to design and create your career site? Ask them if they can help you develop it, or even do the whole thing themselves. Does it directly automate to all job boards if you change your job adverts?

SBS CareerSite

Career sites need to look polished and beautifully designed, and purchasing a recruitment software that can’t offer you this feature; you may need to look elsewhere.

By having multiple job boards available as well as a beautifully designed career site, you will reach a higher volume of views and applicants than others. It’s also good to uncover if the recruitment software can also post job ads internally through your Intranet for your current employees to access.

For your career site, it’s important to have screening questions and also to enable applicants to apply with their social links as an option. Wouldn’t it also be great if applicants could upload their resume instantly on their mobile device through cloud services such as DropBox and Google Drive? Keep that mind.

7. What are the set-up costs and TCO?

Total Cost of Ownership. What exactly is it and how does it work? What are the initial set-up costs? Make sure your provider gives you all the information, especially in writing. You don’t want to start using software to discover it’s hidden with costs and extra fees.

Make sure you clarify when it comes to TCO. This includes initial setup and start-up, training, support, monthly or annual subscription and more. Even if you only want to sign up for a year or try monthly use; either way, you should still receive the recruitment software TCO.

8. Does it have an onboarding process?

You may already have the onboarding system that works well for you and your system, but can it integrate with your new recruitment software? Always try to find a recruitment software that has an onboarding option included.

Check if it includes automation to auto-generate forms and contracts, as well as digital signing on mobile devices, tablets and laptops. You want to make it as accessible and easy to use for yourself as a user and client, as well as your candidates and current employees.

9. Does the software include integration with Payroll?

Integration with Payroll can be essential, especially if you are purchasing software with an onboarding module. When a new candidate completes their onboarding pack with all their forms and bank details, it should then be automatically transferred over to Payroll with a click of a button. This saves time for HR instead of wasting precious hours adding and pasting information for each form and the candidate.

By integrating Payroll with your recruitment software, it reduces the risk of errors and integration with Payroll should take only a few moments; quick and time manageable.

10. Does it offer Request-to-recruit workflow?

Can you approve requests from anywhere? Sounds pretty good if you can. Imagine sending an applicant to your executive or hiring manager, and with a click of a button they can approve or reject a candidate application. If the recruitment software you purchase is built for mobile, then you can perform all this even while you’re on the train home.

You don’t want to waste your time manually typing and entering all the information of an approved candidate when you can send all this information through the software platform.

With so many recruitment software companies out there, it can feel overwhelming in making a final decision. Consider all the above points and decide which software works best for you. At MyRecruitment+ we offer our users a Free and easy to use Recruitment AND Onboarding Software that helps manage ads, candidates, and onboarding needs.

It’s designed to be used mobile first and desktop second; use it anywhere and anytime as our Cloud-based, SaaS and AI-powered software fits you and your process, not the other way around. Try our software today if you feel it’s right for you, and because it’s free with no hidden costs, you can always try it first before you decide to upgrade.