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Mobile and SEO enabled career site
Built with a mobile-first approach, our job-boards and WordPress Plugin are 100% responsive and work on any device including mobiles and tablets.

Out of the box, our standard job-boards come with many HTML Tags, as well as SEO-friendly URLs to ensure that your career site has a good chance of coming up when candidates search for jobs like yours.

Open Architecture API

Our job-board API(s) are open and are based on the standard web service technologies, so that any developer anywhere in the world can be hired to design and customise your job-board or career site for you, without any hassles or restrictions.

WordPress Plugin

MyRecruitment+ comes with a feature-rich and flexible WordPress plugin that enables our clients to design a career site containing great job board features. The plugin is so easy that we often hear; “it took us 30 minutes to install the plugin and have a job-board live on our website”.

Out-of-the-Box Job Boards

Out-of-the-box, MyRecruitment+ comes with a beautiful and mobile-enabled career site that has all the basic job board features.

We generally host the out-of-the-box career site that is free with the platform, but for those who want to customise their own career sites, they have the additional option of hosting it themselves.


You’re in Control!

You decide who customises your career site for you!

No lock-in factor

In addition to the out-of-the-box job-board, our clients can use our open API architecture and WordPress plugin, to further customise the standard job board and, or; to build a fully fledged and multi-page career site.

Our clients can use our team for such development effort, use their own in-house team or contract any external developer anywhere in the world to work on such a project. We don’t force our clients to use our team in order to design and implement a custom career site or job-board.

Example of a Beautiful and Mobile-enabled Career Site

MyRecruitment+ has made our advertising much easier, now it is done with a click of a button and if we alter an advert MyRecruitment+ automatically updates the advertisements. The onboarding system is amazing and has really automated and sped up our recruitment process. We have had great support throughout the process from MyRecruitment+ and they are always helpful with any queries we have had.

Ann Johnson

Manager People and Culture - Baptistcare


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