HRMS and Payroll Integration


The MyRecruitment+ SMART Integration Connectors allows your Recruitment & Onboarding data to freely flow into your existing HR systems.

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The MyRecruitment+ Integration Connectors

The MyRecruitment+ Integration Connectors provides your company with the ability to systematically transfer your collected MyRecruitment+ data directly into your Payroll, HRMS, and HRIS systems! Once your candidates have completed the e-forms in their onboarding packs, all the information regarding their new position and personal details are saved to your platform and can be automatically transferred to your Payroll/ HRMS. In fact, our end-to-end recruitment software saves and collects data from the first phase to the final phase of your recruitment process. Your data development flows from phases such as; requisition, recruitment, offer approval, onboarding/induction, and finally payroll. This seamless integration boosts the recruitment and payroll efficiencies by acknowledging the cohesive power of combining two platforms into one.

Who do we integrate with?

The MyRecruitment+ platform comes with a set of standard Integration Connectors, however, we will create custom-built connectors for you when required, thus removing any problems regarding HRMS and Payroll integration. The flexibility and customisation of your personal MyRecruitment+ platforms means your integration opportunities are limitless. Although we are currently integrated with, and in the process of integrating with; Chris21, Aurion, Preceda, Sage MicrOpay, MYOB’s PayGlobal, ADP, Xero, we expect to have over 30 connectors over the next 12 months. Our software is customised to your preference, your data and your preferred systems.

How does it work?

The information that was collected on your MyRecruitment+ regarding specific candidates and employees is automatically imputed in e-forms that are pushed to your Payroll system. The e-form that will be sent to Payroll is custom built and tailored to the format preferred by the recruiter or Payroll protocol. The e-form may include mandatory or optional fields such as; First Name, Last Name, Salutation, DOB, Home Address, Position Name. An Integration Connector is then set up to contain the required and optional fields. When transferring a new hire to payroll simply click on a button and the setup fields on the connector are ready to send to Payroll. Our software pulls data from the previous stages of recruitment and automatically inputs it into the correct blank field! Through integrating HR systems with your Payroll platform, you eliminate human error, thus enhancing data integrity and data accuracy- all of which is done with minimal labour!