Reference Check


Native within the platform.

Let the candidate & referees do the work!

Fully fledged, completely automated module
Saves tons of money, time and reduces time-to-hire!
Utilising an automated module increases the efficiency of recruitment, therefore eliminating the time users currently spend chasing candidates and referees… Meaning recruiters can devote more time to their other tasks whilst simultaneously completing reference checks! Through better investing your time you reduce the overall cost of recruitment. By implementing efficiencies you also reduce the time-to-hire, which fills the vacancy quicker and increases the productivity of the company. From a candidate’s perspective, the branding, simplicity and quickness of the process also creates a beautiful candidate experience! It’s a win win situation!
Seamless in your workflow
and initiated in one click!
Send a branded email to your candidate requesting details of their referees. At MyRecruitment+ we’ve natively built Reference Checks and made it a stage that any client can add as a step in their workflow process. Once the candidate has been moved to the appropriate stage, in a single click the reference check process is automatically triggered and on its way, and the user is notified once the reference check is completed!
Customise your questionnaires
in minutes!
Custom build questionnaires that are role or department specific, and save them as templates for easy access in the future. You control the infrastructure of the questionnaires, and the data you want to capture- such as number of referees, details about their relationship, their contact information etc. Choose from a range of field options like drop downs, numbers, text, multiple choice etc. The functionality of your questionnaires is a critical part of the automated module!
Brand all communication
to align with your company!
Insert your logo in the custom-built questionnaires and utilise your branding colours and images to make every external message an extension of your company. Personalise the message of the e-form and auto-triggered emails to suit the tone and personality of your company. You control the design and infrastructure of the questionnaires… utilise this customisation capability to elevate your employer branding by adhering to consistent branding across all external communication!
Automated Module
In a single click, set in motion the fully fledged, branded, automated reference check!
The process is completely automated once the module has been initiated. The details provided from the candidate about the referee is captured in the platform, which auto-triggers a branded email to the referee that contains a custom built questionnaire! Once the referees submit their questionnaire, the user is automatically notified and the reference check is available for viewing. All the data is stored to the candidate profile for future viewing and easy access. You’ll never have to misspend time chasing anyone again!
Automated or manual… the choice is yours!
If your company prefers to operate reference checks manually, such as over the phone, that is completely possible! Here at MyRecruitment+ we believe in offering enterprise-grade flexibility to our clients. To override the automation functionality, simply don’t tick the ‘automatic’ selection box in the initiation process. Once the candidate has completed the questionnaire and submitted the details of their referees, the user will be notified to contact them!

The location of the pre-employment check is also flexible, you can insert the phase wherever best suits your workflow process, such as before or after; talent assessment, police checks etc. The choice is yours! You can even change the location of the phase depending on the department you’re hiring for.