Paperless & easy approval workflow

Request to Recruit


Don’t compromise! Have the perfect
approval workflow for your business


Approval workflow that's flexible and works on mobiles
It Fits Your Process

You no longer have to compromise and adjust your processes! The MyRecruitment+ request-to-recruit workflow is easily customisable to suit your processes and requisition needs. You control the workflow process and the approvers. You can create workflow templates that are role and department specific, and easily access them in the future.

Approve From Anywhere

The MyRecruitment+ request-to-recruit approval module is functional on desktops, tablets, and mobiles. MyRecruitment+ have even created an app called ‘MRPGo’ to empower executives and managers to approve a request from a swipe on their phone, whilst being anywhere in the world. This reduces the time to complete the approval workflow!

Intelligent Form Builder

The workflow designer contains an intelligent form builder that allows for certain fields to either appear or disappear, depending on the values selected in previous fields. This makes your form concise whilst simultaneously eliminating user errors. Build your form with a variety of field options, such as text, numbers, multiple choice etc.

Never get Stuck!

The MyRecruitment+ workflow module ensures your approval will never get stuck midway and ensures stakeholders are always able to source and complete an elongated request-to-recruit. Admin users have full control over all inflight requests, including the ability to re-send or terminate a request, and view who’s turn it is in the approval workflow.