Australian public broadcasting radio, online, and television network

Company size   1,400 to 1,750 employees  
Type  Government Agency

Ben Bolt
Recruitment Lead

"Our partnership with MyRecruitment+ has been amazing and helped us to transform and reinvent our Recruitment & On-boarding process. The product team is super motivated and so it's fun working with."

The parent of over 700 franchised and company-owned bakeries in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada

Company size   500 to 1,000 employees, plus,
1,000s of franchise-based employees

Type   Public

Rachel Goldstein
HR Generalist

"MyRecruitment+ is the perfect fit for our multi-brand, multinational and multi-store business. The flexibility of the product allowed us to capture all of our brands and stores under the same roof (account) while still having an eagle eye view to the entire account.The support team is fantastic and they were always happy to come up with the solutions for our specific requirements.We use almost every feature the MyRecruitment+ offers and always find that the team are innovating their platform to ensure it is running to our needs.”

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Barminco is an international hard rock underground mining company that are leaders in their industry.

Company size   1,500 to 2,000 employees
Type   Private

Nick Jones
Resourcing Team Leader

"Barminco have been a client of MyRecruitment+ for over 3 years now. For us, the most powerful aspect of the platform is the ability to customise and mould the system to our exact processes and requirements. This is a necessity for us as we are an organisation that has multiple remote sites which span across several countries. We are also a growing and progressive business, so the ability to change and customise features in reasonably short time frames fits well with our agile business.

The MyRecruitment+ support team are always available and any of our requests for changes and tweaks are generally actioned within a very short space of time.

Another part of the system that is really useful is the candidate database and its search capabilities. It has Boolean searching capability and searches can be done using geo-location, date ranges, keywords as well as other parameters. The ability to bulk-communicate using SMS and email with large groups of candidates is also an incredibly efficient and professional way for us to keep in contact with potential employees.

We have recently upgraded and started using the Onboarding Function of MyRecruitment+ and so far this is working really positively for us, from both the recruiters and the candidates perspective. It is simple, yet time saving for the Recruiter and the ability for documents to be completed and signed online makes for a seamless and less manual process for the candidates too.

All in all we are very happy with MyRecruitment+ and look forward to growing our business with their ongoing assistance."

Feros Care is one of the largest aged & community care organisations in Australia

Company size   500 to 1,000 employees
Type   Not-for-profit organisation

Karen Foster
Director People and Culture

"My Recruitment+ provides us with the versatility and functionality to meet the needs of our expanding organisation. We love the ability to self customise it without having to be dependent on the vendor."

COBS Bread is the Canadian and American arm of Bakers Delight. An Australian owned company, that operates more than 700 bakeries across Australia and New Zealand, in addition to Canada.

Company size   500 to 1,000 employees
Type   Public

Valerie Heidecke
Human Resources
Team Leader

"Managing all the job applications through MyRecruitment+ is our favourite part of the platform - it's been a huge improvement in our recruitment process because we can now handle a huge volume of applications yet very quickly we can get to the most suitable candidates. Also despite the large volume, the automation allows us to respond to all applicants, as well as manage the end to end recruitment process in one place.”

Lasseters is a large venue containing a hotel, casino, health club and much more

Company size   150 to 200 employees
Type   Private

Glenn Kitto
Manager, Human Resources

"The Onboarding module is both paperless and automated, and so it saves us many hours of valuable HR resources time. We generate the pack containing the contract & forms, and have the candidate sign it and complete the forms in less than an hour."

Hotel Grand Chancellor is a hotel chain operating throughout Australia & NZ

Company size   350 to 500 employees
Type  Private

Hazel Rigler
Director of Marketing & eCommerce

"We have been using MyRecruitmentPlus for over 4 years and we are very satisfied with the service. The software allows our company to streamline the recruitment process in a professional efficient manner via many channels."

Land Surveys is a market leader providing full surveying services in multiple countries

Company size   350 to 500 employees
Type   Private

Kerryn Scott
HR Manager

"Our candidates love the MyRecruitment+ paperless on-boarding experience - they like it because it's faster, efficient and works on mobiles and tablets."

Venues to hire for conferences & seminars, meetings & corporate training

Company size   150 to 200 employees
Type   Private

Georgia Siabanis
HR Manager

"I've had the most professional and engaging experience with the MyRecruitment+ team during the setup and training process. I found the platform to be modern and very intuitive to pick up. I also found the team to be helpful, knowledgeable and very supportive. It's an invaluable tool for our business and I recommend it for any HR department."

Medcall is New Zealand’s largest supplier of healthcare staff to aged care and community sector

Type   Private

Mat Hall
National Relationship Manager

"Myrecruitment+ has enabled us to easily personalise and streamline our recruitment processes. Our hiring managers love the ability to easily manage large numbers of applications with no loss in communication or quality. For the past 3 years, I’ve found the team at Myrecruitment+ to be incredibly helpful, responsive and happy to help you get the most of out of their system. I highly recommend them."

Baptistcare is one of WA’s largest not-for-profit providers of residential care, at home services, retirement living and disability services, supporting individuals and communities in metro and regional areas for over 40 years.

Company size   1,000 to 1,500 employees and volunteers
Type   Not-for-profit

Ann Johnson
Manager People and Culture

"MyRecruitment+ has made our advertising much easier, now it is done with a click of a button and if we alter an advert MyRecruitment+ automatically updates the advertisements.

The onboarding system is amazing and has really automated and sped up our recruitment process. We have had great support throughout the process from MyRecruitment+ and they are always helpful with any queries we have had."

Crest Education are educational service providers with over 1800 students.

Company size   51 to 200 employees
Type   Educational

Joanne Ball
Human Resources Manager

"I very much value your product and how it enables me (and my team mate) to do my job so much more efficiently. I would be lost without MyRecruitment+"

Landscape Solutions specialises in large-scale commercial landscape development, high-quality grounds, garden and sports field construction and maintenance services, as well as asset management and irrigation solutions.

Company size   400 to 500 employees
Type   Private

Heidi Vanderlem
Talent Manager

"As a business we have been using MyRecruitment + for the past few years. I have used many different recruitment packages over the years and can confidently say that this platform is far superior to ones that I have previously used.
Having the ability to multipost job listings from the system has saved my time, money and also ensured that our corporate branding across the web is maintained. Every effort to ensure that the program is completely user friendly and labour saving has been made and it is a testament to the dynamic development team.
In terms of customer service I have never received so much assistance (even when I accidentally change something and forget how to change it back). The team is patient and informative and can explain things in a manner that is not only educational but rememberable.
I would like to take this time to thank Pav, Ben, Anwar and the rest of the team at MyRecruitment+ for supporting our business through their sterling service. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated."