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What is MyRecruitment+?

MyRecruitment+ is a CLOUD & SaaS platform used by HR to manage recruitment and onboarding activities from one location.

Enterprise-grade customisation

Our modern platform is agile, and offers enterprise-grade customisation and flexibility to all users.

Start with a free plan!

Start with a free account, and upgrade when you’re ready. There’s no 30 day trial or credit card required. Small companies can use the software for free, forever, and larger companies can test the features until they decide to make any purchases. We’re the only recruitment & onboarding platform to offer this freemium!

Free setup & support

If you decide to upgrade to a non-lock in yearly subscription, the activation is instant! There’s no set up costs or hidden costs. You’ll receive unlimited access to our dedicated client success team who will support you, train you, and have you up and running in 3 weeks!

What value does MyRecruitment+ add?


The enterprise grade platform offers ultimate customisation and flexibility- mould the software to suit your processes!


The seamless integration of all modules results in maximum output with minimal labour. Increase efficiencies to reduce the time and cost of recruitment!


MyRecruitment+ enhances data integrity, thus ensuring compliance by abiding to internal and external regulations!

Positive Candidate Experience

Branded e-forms and communication, combined with automations, creates a positive candidate experience by keeping candidates and relevant stakeholders informed.

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Request candidates to upload documents and certifications to the platform, which are saved to their profile. The ultimate compliance tool!
Web & App working together
for an End-To-End solution
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Integrate with your existing ecosystem

Our recruitment software integrates with 100s of job-boards, social sites, HRMS systems, and Payroll systems. Additionally, we integrate with Google Calendar and Office365, as well as other valuable HR systems.


MyRecruitment+ has extensive Web Service API(s) that are built with SOAP and REST. These functions provide our clients with extensive capabilities, such as being able to; list job ads, add jobs and job ads, search job ads, view on-boarded candidates etc.

Review Applications from the APP

When using the MyRecruitment+ App, you get notified as soon as a candidate applies for any of your job ads. In a single swipe you’d start reviewing their resume and the rest of their application… and if you’re interested, simply push the call button and start speaking with them. Even from App, you can find any candidate in your database and construct complex searches such as keyword search from the resumes, location and screening questions.

Recruit on the GO

MyRecruitment+ enables you to recruit on the go without bypassing the system. Within a swipe you can begin inserting comments and actioning applications – all from within the system! Thus, all actions and comments are tracked and recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions

A recruitment software or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a professional software used by HR professionals as a tool to manage their requisitions, job ads, applications, talent pools, employment contracts, e-forms and much more... all from one location. Most recruitment tools are confined to recruitment functions, however a modern recruitment software caters for onboarding and induction functions too. A modern recruitment software should be 100% SaaS, come with a free plan for testing, and have a visible pricing model.

There are many layers to a modern recruitment software, and each layer has key benefits.

For the requisition layer, having the ability to customise your approval workflow, create role and department specific request-to-recruit templates, and have a mobile application to recruit on the go are critical features. For the recruitment layer, having access to; a custom made career site, automated & branded SMS and email communications, custom built e-forms, talent pool management functions, candidate search and refine capabilities, video interviews, and psychometric assessments are critical to successful recruitment. The onboarding layer should include auto-generated contracts, digital signing, automated notifications, and custom-built onboarding packs (which include training videos, e-forms, tax forms, company policies and regulations etc).

Finally, the recruitment and onboarding tool should seamlessly integrate with the rest of your HR ecosystem to ensure data integrity & efficiency- this is critical.

A professional recruitment software brings an abundance of benefits to any business, and can be segmented into the following three overarching benefits: Better matched candidates, sourcing candidates quicker, and reducing recruitment costs. These three overarching benefits are achieved whilst simultaneously improving both your employer brand and providing a better candidate experience.

1). Better matched candidates: The multi-posting capabilities helps cast your net wider and bring your company a larger pool of talent to choose from. The collaboration capabilities allows HR, the managers, and the executive team to work as partners, with full visibility and accountability. This immediately positively impacts the matching of quality candidates as it encourages and allows each person to add value into the process at the right phase and in an efficient way, therefore encouraging positive debates and collaboration.

2). Quicker: The most fundamental function of a recruitment software is to automate and streamline most, if not the entire, recruitment process and so the least you'd expect it to do is help companies bring new hires onboard quicker.

3). At a cheaper rate: Once the right recruitment software is operational the company should be able to rely less and less on using external recruitment agencies and in doing so saving on recruitment cost / RPO. Also, streamlining and automating most of the steps in the recruitment process should have a significant cost saving for the HR team and the managers.

Old Fashion - client server / private cloud: This requires companies to install their own server and manage the software’s hardware and maintenance. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

look like SaaS - but it's not: This is where the vendor makes it sound like it's a SaaS offering, but it's not. These platforms require the installation of a brand new database, before you can be up and running. This means that there is a huge barrier to entry, leading to an:
a) Expensive up front investment, and
b) Excessive time-investment before you're up and running.

Cloud, SaaS & Modern: With this software, you just pay your monthly subscription fees and leave everything up to the vendor. You'd hope that this would be your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). However, most of those vendors are either not 100% SaaS, and/or they don't adhere to a TCO. For example, the user has to pay extra for support or for ongoing training modules, and the vendor sends an invoice every time there is an adjustment to the account. Watch out for these hidden costs and demand clear TCO.

Recruitment Only: Some recruitment software only assists companies in managing their recruitment process. For instance, they help manage applications, candidates, shortlisting, setting up interviews and conclude the hiring process. That's it. No requisition, no onboarding and no collaboration between HR and the managers.

Agency Recruitment Software: These are vendors that try to solve the agency problems including a CRM for managing the agency's clients and opportunities, and invoicing matters. These features can account for 50% of the system itself, and are completely irrelevant for the average HR user.

Recruitment Software For HR: These are the vendors who build a recruitment system that's focused on HR teams specifically. Most of them are built by ex-recruiters who possess business-savvy qualities, but not necessarily well versed in technology. As a result, these platforms typically don't scale, and have a short life expectancy.

Requisition, Recruitment & Onboarding: We’ve found the winner! This is the software software category that MyRecruitment+ has pioneered. Just by listening to our clients' needs, we have carved out this category, causing it to become the most popular software type amongst HR professionals. It's the complete, end-to-end solution. It encompasses the pre-recruitment stage of request-to-hire, to recruitment, to offer approval, to onboarding and to induction, all the way through to pushing the new hire into HR's payroll system via our state-of-the-art integration systems.

An integrated recruitment system is a system that can be integrated with other technologies within the HR ecosystem. Processes that commonly require integration include:

Recruitment and payroll Integration: The integrated recruitment system pushes the new hire details into the payroll system. This saves the HR team from copying & pasting data, minimising the risk of human-error.

Recruitment and HRMS Integration: As soon as the user signals to the integrated recruitment system that an employee needs replacing, the recruitment module is set in motion, and a request-to-recruit is triggered from pre-set templates.

Recruitment and Learning & development Integration: As soon as a new hire is processed within the integrated recruitment system, there is an automated-trigger notification to the learning management system. The new hire’s details are transferred, so their learning and development program can be set in motion.

Make the change to digital recruitment and onboarding today!