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Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Recruitment Software
Quick Summary

MyRecruitment+ is a CLOUD-based online system that helps you to manage your entire recruitment needs from one place. It is used by both HR departments and recruitment agencies.

MyRecruitment+ is very affordable and comes with No Setup Cost – so you can be up and running super quickly and with no upfront investment.

It comes with a genuine and value-packed free-plan which small companies can use for free and forever! Larger companies can use it for testing and peace of mind before buying.

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Request to Recruit

Request to Recruit Workflow

Build the perfect approval workflow that fits your unique environment! Make sure that HR, hiring managers and executives are all on the same page!

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Job Posting

Job Posting

In a few clicks, post to 100s of free and paid job-boards as well as Social Media sites. Update your ad once, and the platform pushes all your changes to all sites where ad is posted on.

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Candidate Management

Candidate Management

Browse, organise and process your candidates instantly, in one convenient place. Fast application processing, branded and automated emails, geo-location search, keyword search are just a few of the powerful candidate management features.

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Onboarding Software

Paperless Onboarding

Make your onboarding, cross-boarding, and off-boarding paperless today. Auto-generate employment contract, forms, induction videos… in seconds!

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Careers Site

Career Site & Internal Hiring

Our platform comes with a beautiful & mobile-enabled job-board that you can link to a website. It also comes with a job-board to use on your Intranet for internal hiring. Candidates can even apply to jobs from any device and from anywhere.

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Integration Payroll HRMS

Integration with HRMS

Our platform can link with any payroll or HRMS system to provide an end-to-end solution for our corporate clients. Our platform already integrates with a number HRMS systems and is happy to integrate with any other HR technology as long as it adds value to our clients.

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Integrations & API(s)
Integrate with your existing ecosystem

Our recruitment software integrates with 100s of job-boards, social sites, HRMS systems, Payroll systems as well as Google Calendar and Office365 and many more systems that matter to HR.


MyRecruitment+ has extensive Web Service API(s) that are built with SOAP and REST. These functions enable our clients’ systems to connect with the platform in order to list job ads, Add jobs and job ads, search job ads, Get On-boarded Candidates and many more functions.

Find out what makes our recruitment software the best

Get an instant notification when a candidate applies. With a single swipe, you are reading their resume.


Now you can recruit on the go… but without bypassing the system – a swipe away and you can start adding comments and actioning applications – all from within the system.. and so everything is tracked and recorded.

Free Recruitment Software

MyRecruitment+ is the only 100% genuine FREE-tier Recruitment Platform in the world. For example a small company can use MyRecruitment+ forever for free. It’s not a 30 day trial, it’s a true “yours forever” free-tier recruitment software platform that HR can utilise to take control of their own recruitment.

Our vision is offer a free platform that many smaller companies can enjoy for free to run their entire recruitment in-house and hopefully become advocates for us out there in the industry. All we’re asking is for those companies that take full advantage of our recruitment software and save lots of money and time on recruitment… all we’re asking of them is to just spread the word and the love and let other business leaders and HR people know about the platform – that’s it – enjoy and share.


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