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Create Positive
Employee Experience

Paperless Digital Packs With Digital Signing, E-Forms and Videos. Used For New Hires, Existing Employees, Volunteers, Induction, Off-boarding And More.

Keep all stakeholders on the same page,with automated triggers

  • Custom Email or SMS notifications
  • Set up triggers relative the start date
  • -30, -7 or -1 days to the start date

Good news! Aimee, has completed her onboarding pack. You should contact her and say something like this.
"Hi Aimee, welcome to aboard..."

onboarding software
You’ve been Buddied with a new hire Aimee, who’s starting on 24th June -
get in touch and introduce yourself...

onboarding software
It’s only 7 days before Aimee starts, you should check with Kath and Rebecca to make sure they’ve reached out…

onboarding software
The new hire Aimee is starting on 24th June and she’ll need access to the following systems:
Email Slack Intranet

onboarding software
New Hire Success Via Positive Employee Experience

Give your new hires the best chance at succeeding in your company via modern and all-encompassing onboarding and induction programs.

Onboarding Software is the landing ramp for your candidates as they “jump onto your ship” and into your company – it softens their landing and gives them a modern and positive experience. Our modern onboarding technology keeps HR, IT, procurement and the rest of your company on the same page so new hires will feel welcome and will have their tools and induction all ready for them from day one. Within a few clicks, the entire new-hire pack can be generated and ready to go including contract, online forms, induction video, code of conduct and many other documents. The entire pack will be personalised and sent to the candidate in a few minutes. Optionally, you have the pack signed internally using your own custom-built workflow.

Employment contract, forms, induction videos… get auto-generated in seconds!

Auto-generate entire employment packs

Custom Screening Questions templates

Contract, letter of offer, forms & induction videos get generated in seconds based on pre-set templates, the candidate and the role.

Once the offer is accepted by the candidate, HR or the hiring manager enters the job offer details into the system, the platform will auto-generate the entire employee pack.

Employment packs can be completely customised and tailored to suit any company policy, role requirements or induction process.

Existing employees – Changing/signing new terms

The flexibility of the platform means that our clients use the platform in ways that we’ve never envisaged, and as an example of that is, it took us about a year to realise that our clients are actually using our onboarding module with their existing employees every time they want them to sign new terms document or any changes to their terms, code of conduct or any other new form or document they want them to sign.

Existing employees-Changing Contracts

The MyRecruitment+ Onboarding module is not only used to onboard new hires… Our clients utilise it for so many reasons including when moving employees internally within the organisation – across locations, across roles and any other possible changes to an employee role or status. For example our retail clients use it heavily for moving employees from casual to full time or part-time employees.

Induction & Training For New and Existing Employees

Whether it is for training or induction purposes; PDF documents, videos or other documents can be served to the employee. MyRecruitment+ will then ensure that the candidates have watched the videos and read the required documents before they can complete the pack.

Secured Signing

The state of the art technology that changes the game of paperless onboarding

Custom Screening Questions templates

Digital signing is at the heart of the MyRecruitment+ onboarding software offering – it’s a core capability to making the onboarding function completely paperless. It is a common misconception that sending files online is going paperless, however, without the capacity to sign digitally, it is not only time consuming for the end user, but technically it is not paperless at all.

Digital signing is the key to avoiding bottlenecks in the onboarding process. Essentially, the employment contract / the job offer, that is provided will need to be transformed into digital documents – the easy part. Manually signing paperwork is, in fact, the Achilles’ heels of a swift onboarding process. It is at this stage where a digital signing tool helps speed it up, allowing your candidates to sign and return the forms digitally and instantaneously.

Employing a digital signing capability within your onboarding process is the first sign of a proactive business. You will, in turn, reinforce your business culture and values and provide them with the confidence that they are partnering with a reliable, forward thinking company.

Auto-notifications to stakeholders in the company

Setup automatic notifications to various stakeholders and departments in the company to let them know about the employee being on-boarded. For example; IT needs to know ASAP to ensure the new employee has the right hardware, software, logins and access to different systems in the company.

Submit TAX/compliance forms to government departments

MyRecruitment+ allows users to fill out government compliance forms online, which then automatically gets distributed to respective government departments. This tool eliminates the risk of errors and ensures the forms are filled out to adhere to government specifications.

Integration with HRMS/Payroll

MyRecruitment+ can integrate with any HR system to create a seamless transition between onboarding and HRMS/payroll. Once the candidate has completed their onboarding pack, with a few clicks, users can transfer all the required information and documents straight into the relevant HR system/payroll.