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The Buyer's Guide To

Onboarding Software

Table Of Contents:

  • What is onboarding software?
  • The benefits of using digital onboarding
  • Typical features of modern onboarding software
  • Considerations when purchasing onboarding software
  • Relevant onboarding software trends
  • Onboarding software pricing
  • What is onboarding software?

    Onboarding software is a tool used by HR professionals to onboard new hires digitally, without the need to print or scan documents. Using onboarding software enables all authority-given HR professionals to have access to the same onboarding platform - therefore warranting easy collaboration with one another to ensure the new hire is quickly and professionally onboarded.

    Many organisations are beginning to acknowledge the importance of digital onboarding as a critical tool to increase efficiencies , custom-build their compliance process, and create beautiful candidate experiences. How?

    Natively built in onboarding software are complex features, automation, and integration with HRMS systems. Enterprise-grade onboarding technology provides users with the ability to; customise workflows, custom build onboarding packs and save them as templates, create a compliance process that incorporates probity checks (psychometric talent assessment, reference check, police check), build e-forms and documents, and automate SMS/emails to candidates and stakeholders.

    Digital onboarding also empowers candidates to self-onboard on any device, at any time. Alongside being mobile-first, digital signing enables candidates to be completely onboarded within minutes!

    Let’s deep dive into the benefits and features you need to know about.

    The benefits of using digital onboarding

    Beautiful candidate experiences

    Your candidate doesn’t want to have to print, sign, scan, and send back their onboarding documents! It’s 2021, we live in a digital world. Digital onboarding is mobile-enabled, therefore your new hires can fill in and sign their documents on any device, at any time! This presents your company as modern and progressive, and demonstrates that you value the time of your new employees.

    Once a new employee has completed their onboarding pack, all appropriate stakeholders (Procurement, Provision, Manger, Buddy, etc) are notified of their start date and are continuously reminded to ensure the new employee is appropriately greeted and equipped on their first day.

    HR professionals can utilise the automated communication system (Emails/SMS) by scheduling personalised and branded messages to new employees which keep them engaged and excited to begin working.

    The time, effort, and care you invest into your new employee leading up to their start date will dictate their retention, productivity, and determination to your company. SO, make sure you nurture them!

    Data integrity

    Digital onboarding software integrates with your recruitment software, and all other HRMS systems your company uses. This integration capability results in a seamless data flow... the data that is collected in requisition, recruitment, and offer approval seamlessly flows into your onboarding software.

    Therefore, auto-generating your contracts and auto-filling in details of necessary onboarding documents. Thus eliminating the need to input data multiple times and ultimately reducing data inaccuracies.

    The completed onboarding pack is also pushed into your Payroll system in a single click , further reducing the risk of inaccurate data as the data pushed to Payroll is the data entered directly by the new employee.

    Reduced time-to-hire

    Within your digital onboarding platform, you can brand documents and custom-build e-forms that are role and department-specific. These onboarding documents can be saved as templates and retrieved for future use!

    Therefore, by creating standard templates the in-house recruiter only needs to spend a few minutes personalising the templated documents and reviewing the auto-generated contract, rather than having to start from scratch for every new hire!

    Your onboarding platform also has a countdown timer feature. Apply a count-downer timer to onboarding packs for each new hire. Set the deadline for the candidate to complete their onboarding pack before, and reduce the time-to-hire by creating urgency!

    Higher ROI

    By introducing beautiful candidate experiences your candidate is less likely to accept another offer from a competitor because your branding and modern onboarding process have enticed them to work for you. By introducing efficiencies, decreasing the time to hire, and eliminating regularly incurred bottlenecks in your onboarding process, you eliminate the need and chance of candidates even seeking employment from other companies.

    Therefore, not only do you onboard new employees quicker, you ensure the time your employees and company invest in onboarding is never misspent on a candidate that drops off.

    Heightens employer branding

    Internally and externally, every piece of communication or document is branded to be an extension of your company . The consistency in branding heightens your employer branding by demonstrating your well-structured and organised organization. Whether this is automated SMS/Emails, onboarding documents or job ads, your company excellently executes and displays your brand, which resonates with current and potential employees.

    Typical features of modern onboarding software

    At MyRecruitment+, we like to refer to the below as the pillars of digital onboarding , and are a must for all modern digital-onboarding vendors.

    • Mobile-enabled candidate self-onboarding portal
    • Branded onboarding packs
    • Custom-built & branded document/e-form templates
    • Digital signing
    • Content manager
    • Induction & Training videos
    • Automated SMS/ Email system
    • Automated notifications to stakeholder
    • Countdown timer
    • Induction & Training videos
    • Payroll integration

    Considerations when purchasing onboarding software

    Integration capabilities & partnerships

    HRMS and Payroll integration is a must. The data your new employee enters into their onboarding pack is automatically stored and saved in your onboarding system...meaning data doesn’t need to be entered multiple times!

    Your onboarding software will push the employee data into your payroll system. Therefore ensuring there are no data inaccuracies while simultaneously reducing the manual input required from HR professionals. Thus, reducing the time to hire.

    Make sure you know your onboarding software will integrate seamlessly with your Payroll system and other HRMS you utilise to create a harmonious HR environment with optimised efficiencies.

    TOC / Hidden costs/ Setup costs

    Before you sign a contract with your onboarding software vendor, make sure you know the total cost of ownership (TCO)! You must know if there are setup costs, and if they’re included in the proposed TCO (by the way, there shouldn’t be any setup costs… if there are, I would advise against the vendor).

    Be certain you have access to complimentary support and training. Similar to any other software, your onboarding software will see many updates and new features, therefore it’s important you know included in your subscription is ongoing training and support for issues and updates to the platform! Many vendors will keep these costs hidden, so do be sure to ask to ensure you know what you’re entitled to.

    Customisation & flexibility

    Your onboarding process is unique to your business. Your digital onboarding vendor must recognise this and provide enterprise-grade flexibility and customisation. Onboarding packs sent to your candidates will leave a lasting impression, therefore you want to be certain the system allows you to brand each document, personalise the message, and the presentation of the email. This is a critical component in enhancing your employer branding which in-turn, re-assures your new hire they’ve made the correct decision.

    Digital signing

    Many onboarding software vendors will claim to be completely digital, but then require you to print documents to sign them and scan them back. Be cautious of this! You must ensure your onboarding technology provides you with the ability to digitally sign appropriate documents and e-forms on any device (mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc).

    Data security

    Your onboarding platform will be integrated with all other HRMS systems you use, and hold valuable information about your employees - including bank details, home addresses etc. It’s critical that you question the onboarding software’s vendor about security they have in place, and even request to see evidence of their claims to ensure your data will only be owned by you, and will not be breached!

    Client Testimonies

    It’s easy for a vendor to give themselves a 5-star rating, however, their self-reflection may not always be accurate. Be sure to ask if you can speak to existing clients, or review client testimonies, before signing a contract to be certain you’re making the correct decision!

    Relevant onboarding software trends

    Videos for learning and welcoming

    Industry data shows that the use of video learning is the highest it’s ever been. Therefore, it’s no surprise that induction and training videos are growing in popularity! Use videos to personalise the new-hires onboarding, and provide them with a glimpse of the culture they’ll be joining! Hearing and watching fellow colleagues welcome them onboarding creates excitement as they perceive the company to consider them a valuable new recruit.

    Users can also use video content to educate your new employee on appropriate methods and procedures prior to their start date, as well as set clear expectations. This helps ensure your new hire knows exactly how to begin adding value on their first day and hit the ground running.

    Completely paperless process

    Paperless onboarding is being quickly being seen as a necessity by many companies. This recent trend is majorly influenced by the insane influx of remote working (thanks to COVID19). Organisations have begun to realise paper-based processes are incredibly timely and costly, not to mention completely archaic. Furthermore, in 2020, companies globally quickly updated their operations to incorporate more modern-day technology. Because of this, in 2021, organastions have acknowledged that paper-based processes leave a poor impression of the brand, and ultimately leads to candidate-drop off.

    Digital onboarding software not only saves time and money, but provides HR professionals with instant access to data, tracking, and great accuracy when adhering to government specifications.

    Candidate / New employee experience

    Personalised onboarding packs are becoming an increasingly prevalent method in allowing new employees to keep up to speed with your company's work culture. With the use of aesthetic branding as well as personalised videos, new employees can arm themselves with information that is necessary to become successful in their new position and hit the ground running.

    The importance of workplace cultural assimilation is also on the rise. Research shows that when new employees experience strong initiation rituals, they gain a stronger sense of belonging to the team. Storytelling can be a particularly powerful tool for this, which can be done through videos and scenario-based learning (Learning Management System) which effectively enhances the productivity of a new employee. These methods are accessible and optimally effective through digital onboarding.

    Onboarding software pricing

    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Over 3 Years

    NOTE: We’re assuming here that you’re looking at a fairly modern vendor that’s CLOUD / SaaS and one that offers a subscription-based model.

    Your TCO should cover the entire cost of acquiring and adopting onboarding software in an organisation over 3 years.

    There are many factors that will affect the TCO, so be sure you do your calculations before signing a contract!

    The below are costs you must consider in order to accurately estimate your 3-year TCO:

    • Subscription cost
    • Setup costs
    • Implementation costs for company-desired customisations
    • Ongoing support (emails, phone calls, live chats, Zoom, etc.)
    • Initial training for all users
    • Ongoing training for new users
    • Training for new features and developments within the platform
    • Ongoing bug fixes
    • Ongoing access to new features

    Subscription Based

    Over time, the previous method of “purchasing onboarding software” has been made redundant and replaced with a “subscription model”. So, rather than purchase the software, you only pay for your right to use the software for a certain period of time. The time-frame is entirely dependent on the company, it may be a month, 6 months, a year or so on. Subscription-based models are widely adopted by modern, enterprise-grade vendors.

    Set-up Costs

    Set up costs used to amount to roughly 20% of the TCO and be a huge deterrent for many SMEs to take advantage of enterprise-grade technology. However, the time for that is long gone.

    Nowadays, your onboarding software vendor should provide FREE set up, which is incredibly important for you to know so that no big vendor can take advantage of you!

    Hidden Costs

    The most commonly incurred hidden costs are support and training. A big sign that these are hidden costs is if vendors don’t discuss support and training during initial conversations. Be incredibly aware of this before signing the dotted line on any document as these costs may end up leading to an unsuccessful adopting of onboarding software and a poor investment decision. As mentioned above, be sure to know your EXACT TCO and what you’re entitled to.

    Keep all stakeholders on the same page, with automated triggers

    • Custom Email or SMS notifications
    • Set up triggers relative the start date
    • -30, -7 or -1 days to the start date

    New Hire Success Via Positive Employee Experience

    Give your new hires the best chance at succeeding in your company via modern and all-encompassing onboarding and induction programs.

    Onboarding Software is the landing ramp for your candidates as they “jump onto your ship” and into your company – it softens their landing and gives them a modern and positive experience. Our modern onboarding technology keeps HR, IT, procurement and the rest of your company on the same page so new hires will feel welcome and will have their tools and induction all ready for them from day one. Within a few clicks, the entire new-hire pack can be generated and ready to go including contract, online forms, induction video, code of conduct and many other documents. The entire pack will be personalised and sent to the candidate in a few minutes. Optionally, you have the pack signed internally using your own custom-built workflow.

    Employment contract, forms, induction videos… get auto-generated in seconds!

    Auto-generate entire employment packs

    Custom Screening
    Questions templates

    Contract, letter of offer, forms & induction videos get generated in seconds based on pre-set templates, the candidate and the role.

    Once the offer is accepted by the candidate, HR or the hiring manager enters the job offer details into the system, the platform will auto-generate the entire employee pack.

    Employment packs can be completely customised and tailored to suit any company policy, role requirements or induction process.

    Changing/signing new terms

    The flexibility of the platform means that our clients use the platform in ways that we’ve never envisaged, and as an example of that is, it took us about a year to realise that our clients are actually using our onboarding module with their existing employees every time they want them to sign new terms document or any changes to their terms, code of conduct or any other new form or document they want them to sign.

    Changing Contracts

    The MyRecruitment+ Onboarding module is not only used to onboard new hires… Our clients utilise it for so many reasons including when moving employees internally within the organisation – across locations, across roles and any other possible changes to an employee role or status. For example our retail clients use it heavily for moving employees from casual to full time or part-time employees.

    Induction & Training

    Whether it is for training or induction purposes; PDF documents, videos or other documents can be served to the employee. MyRecruitment+ will then ensure that the candidates have watched the videos and read the required documents before they can complete the pack.

    Secured Signing

    The state of the art technology that changes the game of paperless onboarding

    Custom Screening
    Questions templates

    Digital signing is at the heart of the MyRecruitment+ onboarding software offering – it’s a core capability to making the onboarding function completely paperless. It is a common misconception that sending files online is going paperless, however, without the capacity to sign digitally, it is not only time consuming for the end user, but technically it is not paperless at all.

    Digital signing is the key to avoiding bottlenecks in the onboarding process. Essentially, the employment contract / the job offer, that is provided will need to be transformed into digital documents – the easy part. Manually signing paperwork is, in fact, the Achilles’ heels of a swift onboarding process. It is at this stage where a digital signing tool helps speed it up, allowing your candidates to sign and return the forms digitally and instantaneously.

    Employing a digital signing capability within your onboarding process is the first sign of a proactive business. You will, in turn, reinforce your business culture and values and provide them with the confidence that they are partnering with a reliable, forward thinking company.

    Auto-notifications to stakeholders in the company

    Setup automatic notifications to various stakeholders and departments in the company to let them know about the employee being on-boarded. For example; IT needs to know ASAP to ensure the new employee has the right hardware, software, logins and access to different systems in the company.

    Submit TAX / compliance forms to government departments

    MyRecruitment+ allows users to fill out government compliance forms online, which then automatically gets distributed to respective government departments. This tool eliminates the risk of errors and ensures the forms are filled out to adhere to government specifications.

    Integration with HRMS/Payroll

    MyRecruitment+ can integrate with any HR system to create a seamless transition between onboarding and HRMS/payroll. Once the candidate has completed their onboarding pack, with a few clicks, users can transfer all the required information and documents straight into the relevant HR system/payroll.