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Applicant Tracking System Features

With MyRecruitment+, we believe you should be able to manage your candidates, job ads and onboarding process within an easy and straightforward platform. Affordable and easy to use, our cloud-based and SaaS recruitment software have excellent features such as customisable request-to-recruit workflow, full recruitment module, onboarding and a branded & mobile-enabled career site.

Accessible and available on any device, including your mobile, tablet or desktop, our platform has made having a modern recruitment & onboarding software much more attainable for HR departments anywhere in the world. In fact, HR departments can start a free account instantly and keep it forever - the free plan gives you all the features but with only one job open at any one time. So small companies can use it forever free and larger companies can use it for testing. Post your job ad to free and paid job boards at the same time; which quickens the recruitment process so much that our clients describe it as "life changing!"

With our quick application process, we also automate emails and integrate your calendar with candidates and current employees. Create talent communities and source future candidates that show potential. Our Recruitment Software also incorporates any HRMS or Payroll system. Discover how our recruitment software features can help make your onboarding and recruitment process a manageable and smooth system.


Free Plan

Making an account with MyRecruitment+ has never been easier, merely start with our free plan and upgrade when you're ready. That’s right; it’s a 100% genuine free plan - perfect for small companies who can use it and extract top value from it entirely for free - for larger companies, it's perfect for testing before they purchase any paid plans or go into the Enterprise tier.

Our users never have to worry about ongoing costs or hidden fees; we guarantee you will not be disappointed with our product. It’s so easy to use, and your account can be created in minutes. Even if you choose our free option which only posts one job at a time, you can always wait until it’s the right time for your company, and then upgrade to one of our several different offers. That is the promise we offer you at MyRecruitment+


Post to 100s of Sites From One Place

In a few clicks post your job to many free job-boards such as Indeed and social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to attract and hire candidates at no cost. You can also post your jobs to paid job boards such as ZipRecruiter, Monster, Career Builder, and many others.

Simply connect your job-board accounts into your MyRecruitment+ account and start multi-posting from one place and editing from one place too.  Connecting your job-board or social media accounts into MyRecruitment+ account shouldn't take more than a few minutes - it's so easy and is done in the standard and expected way.  Happy posting 🙂

Request to Recruit

Request-to-Fill Workflow

It fits your process. You no longer have to compromise by adjusting your methods, the MyRecruitment+ request-to-fill workflow can easily be customized to meet your processes beautifully.  Hiring managers can submit their request in a few minutes, and the relevant executives can sign it from anywhere in the world on their mobiles and in a few clicks - the notification comes up on their phones, and they merely swipe, read and decide to either accept or reject the requisition.

HR can work with the business and map out the perfect form and the perfect approval workflow that suits the business.  HR can build the approval form in minutes - you can add any field (question) that you want to your form... whether it's a text field, a dropdown field, a date field or any of the other 15 types our platform has.

Our questions are also intelligent where you can set dependencies amongst them. For example, if the job is a new job as opposed to a replacement, then and only then, you want the hiring manager to justify the hiring and make sure there's an approved budget for it; in other words, our request to recruit approval workflow is intelligent but super easy to use, and you can continue to finetune it as work in progress.

Candidate Expierence

The Perfect Candidate Experience

Every page that the candidate touches is built with a mobile-first approach and desktop second. This includes the application form, the probity forms as well as the entire onboarding touch points that include the digital signing.

With onboarding, for example, our key driving paradigm is to make sure that no matter what we do and what features we add to the onboarding/offboarding module, we always wanted to make sure that the candidate should still be able to onboard themselves on their own and wherever they are; even while sitting on the bus on their way home.


Built Mobile-first

MyRecruitment+ is a cloud-based system that works from all browsers and so you can access it anytime and from anywhere. We consider our platform to be the next generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - we make this claim because it's a true enterprise-grade recruitment software for HR, yet it's so easy to use and it's a self-service platform and that's so easy to get started with.  This combination of industrial strength and yet consumer-like ease of use and adoption is what makes us unique.  Additionally, our mobile-first approach helps recruitment professionals to manage their entire hiring process from what seems like a simple online application which can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Whether HR takes care of processing applications and scheduling interviews... etc. or Hiring Managers do all that themselves - or even if it's a hybrid of the two models... Well, we've got you covered.

Video Interviews

Video Interviews

We currently integrate with two video interviewing technologies and so our clients have the choice of choosing which product they prefer to use.  Video interviewing is adding significant value to those clients by reducing their face-to-face interview time and investment.

Wouldn't it be nice to come into the office in the morning and realise that overnight... more than 100 candidates applied to your job, but they also recorded their video interviews?  So all you have to do is put your feet up and go through them one by one - it shouldn't take you more than 10 seconds to make up your mind on those soft skills such as communication skills, personality traits and others.

The combination of our super intelligent and AI-powered Application Management module, combined with video interview capability... allows you to shift through 100 applications in no more than 30 minutes by enabling you to get to the top 10 applications without having to read the other 90.

Candidate Databases

Powerful And Segmented Candidate Database

We believe that every job that you post to job-boards is an opportunity to grow your own candidate database and talent pools. To rely solely on paid advertising to fill every one of your vacancies is simply not a sustainable sourcing strategy!  In fact, it's a very expensive and short term one!

As a recruitment professional, your end game should be, to have your own database that’s segmented into talent pools that your team can rely on for filling a big chunk of your vacancies – that's equivalent to having your own talents-on-tap system.

This would have to be one of the most powerful features in the platform! You can search and find candidates in so many different ways including filtering based on geolocation, distance from the job location, keyword in the resume and screening questions.

Talent Communities

Talent Pools

This feature is an essential part of the MyRecruitment+ platform, as our users can create and develop talent communities and pools, which will allow them to have a faster and more efficient method of finding the correct and most suitable candidate for the role. Build your community and design it however you like; there are no restrictions.

Users can tag candidates who show excellent skills and could potentially be future employees for upcoming job openings. For example, a recruiter could meet with a candidate, and they are unfortunately unsuccessful for the role, yet they would be perfect in a different position; simply tag them and the next time you need the desired candidate, look up the tag, and you’ll find them…in mere seconds!

Concerning tagging, you can tag candidates with multiple options; this includes expertise, skills, field and even job title; there are countless more options, and you can create them yourself.

Integration with Calendars

Integration with Gmail and Outlook Calendars

MyRecruitment+ integrates with both Gmail calendar and MS Office 365 and so within seconds, the interviews you schedule from our platform, will pop up in your calendar as well as the candidates' calendars.  You can also invite other colleagues to the interview or simply be the one who's only facilitating an interview between the hiring managers and the candidates.

Integration is a key strategy in the MyRecruitment+ platform and we're only starting - whilst we already integrate with so many other systems such as calendar system, HR systems and payroll systems... we still have plans for many more integrations.  Our APIs are world-class and based on the most standard protocols such as REST and SOAP and we'll continue to invest more in API(s) over the years.


Automate Your Recruitment Process

Automate every step in the recruitment process - all you need to do is move the candidate to the next stage in the recruitment process, and the platform will do what you've configured it to do. With this recruitment automation process, it has benefited our clients by making it a much simpler method in moving candidates to the next step.

Emails are processed and automated for you the moment you move the candidate forward or back. If you deny a candidate, an email is sent straight away, where it can be personalised, customized and branded.

Our platform can send emails in whichever format with whatever content you find best…whether it’s a “thank you for applying”, or “you were unsuccessful”; you control how these emails are sent and what they include. Your emails can be branded and even be delayed.

Screening Questions

Screening Questions

In minutes you can create the perfect screening questions for any role! Also, you can save those questions as a template to use later for similar jobs. It's easy to use and super intelligent - no matter what the question is you can capture it and create it.

With options such as single-choice dropdowns, multi-choice dropdowns, date or text box fields... you can build the perfect form in minutes. Users are given such flexibility that they can design their template however they like. Every change you make will get updated automatically to all job boards and your career site…no need for manual intervention!

Career Sites

Career Site

Built with a mobile-first approach, our job-boards, and WordPress Plugin is 100 per cent responsive and works on any device including mobiles and tablets. Out of the box, our job-boards go together with several mark-up language Tags, in addition to SEO-friendly URLs to make sure that your career website has a high probability of coming up when candidates hunt for jobs like yours.

Candidates can apply for your jobs anytime and anywhere with mobile enabling… and are also able to see your job openings through plenty of HTML tags. By being able to customize and create your job boards and career site with our WordPress plugin, you have the room to grow and can even contact our team who can do the work for you…no stress, simply an incredible way to help your recruitment and onboarding needs.

Itranet Job Board

Internal Job-board In Your Intranet

In addition to a job-board on your website to attract fresh blood, our platform provides you with a specific job-board that you can embed within your Intranet and that you can use only to post the ads you want to promote to your employees.

Reach out to your employees, and see the possibilities and opportunities you could be giving them by offering different roles or higher positions. Keep your current staff motivated and appreciated; this can reduce candidate turn over and improve the employee experience.

Lower your costs by recruiting within your team! Recruitment and onboarding come with a price, and if you search to hire and post job boards within your Intranet, you will significantly lower your spending’s in recruitment.

HRMS Integration

Integration with your own HRMS / Payroll System

MyRecruitment+ can integrate with any HR system to create a seamless transition between onboarding and HRMS or Payroll. Once the candidate has completed their onboarding pack, with a few clicks, users can transfer all the required information and documents straight into the relevant HR system or Payroll system.

At MyRecruitment+ we provide an end-to-end solution for our clients, as well as a smooth and seamless process of the HR system. Further checks and assessments also include reference checking, psychometric and police checks – plus more. Create jobs with your HRMS and MyRecruitment+ will instantly get notified of the new opening and create an approval request.


Onboarding & Contract Variations

Create your onboarding process of becoming paperless! With a smooth and paperless onboarding experience, users don’t need to worry about the countless papers and scanned information they need to file for just one candidate. The contract, letter of offer, forms & induction videos get generated in seconds based on pre-set templates.

Once the offer is accepted by the candidate, HR or the hiring manager enters the job offer details into the system, where the platform will then auto-generate the entire employee pack…it’s that simple.

Employment onboarding packs can be completely customized and tailored to suit any company policy, role requirements or induction process. Remember, we make the process fit you and your company, not the other way around.

Change current employees contracts as well, all on your mobile device. Have your candidates sign their contracts with their devices; it’s all digital and can be completed with so much time to spare. Try MyRecruitment+ now and see the difference.


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