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Free Account

At MyRecruitment+, start with a free Applicant Tracking System account that’s perfect for small companies to use for free forever; as for larger companies’ users can use MyRecruitment+ for testing before buying…perfect for peace of mind.

Our Applicant Tracking System comes with a genuine and value-packed free-plan and is the only Free Cloud-Based and SaaS Recruitment and Onboarding Software. We help users take care of all their onboarding and recruitment needs, plus no extra costs or hidden fees. You don’t have to worry if there’s a catch or if after 30 days you have to pay…there’s none of that here at MyRecruitment+. It’s so easy to make an account, and it only takes a few minutes.

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Post to 100+ free
& paid job boards

Job Boards
Single Click Job Posting

In just a single click, users can post their job ads to 100s of job boards. Free and paid job boards such as Seek, Jora, CareerBuilder and Indeed are all accessible, plus social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn; there are 100s more, so you will have the views and accessibility across the board.

Use our live editing tool and fix any errors at any time; immediately you will have the new changes pushed to all sites where the job ad is published. Don’t stress about visiting every site to make the changes manually…our Applicant Tracking System will help you make the changes in a single click.

With so many job boards available, users can increase their chance to hire potential candidates. The great thing about this is that MyRecruitment+ does it so quickly, and we make sure it’s easy for recruiters and users to use.

Perfect Approval Workflow

Keep your HR, hiring managers and executives all on the same page with our customizable request-to-recruit workflow. With the process being so customizable we can suit your hiring process, not the other around. Build the perfect approval workflow that fits your unique work environment…with our Applicant Tracking System you can achieve this.

The approval workflow can be accessed anywhere and at any time, as well as being accessible on all devices and browsers, including mobile, tablet and desktop…executives can make approvals and rejections with just a swipe of their finger on their smartphone…it’s never been easier.

MyRecruitment+ makes sure it fits your process where admin users have full control and never get stuck.

A Smooth Experience for Candidates

Our Applicant Tracking System has been designed for mobile first and desktop second, meaning that candidates can access every page including your website, career site and job boards with just a single swipe. Create a smooth experience for your candidates where they can follow each step of the recruitment and onboarding process. From the initial contact of applying for your job advert to the approval or disapproval of a candidate to the onboarding procedure, induction videos, digital signing of the contract, all the way to their first day and beyond.

Users can customize every step of the recruitment and onboarding process including personalised emails to candidates to say such responses like: “thank you for applying, but unfortunately you have been unsuccessful”, or “thank you for applying, I would like to invite you for a face-to-face interview” etc. You can customize it however you like, there are no restrictions.

With such an accessible and smooth experience for candidates, they can use all application and probity forms as well as experiencing a perfect journey…try MyRecruitment+ today to see how our Applicant Tracking System can add to your candidate journey and experience.

Made for Mobile

Our Applicant Tracking System is designed to be mobile first and desktop second, making us the most accessible than any other platform. Our system can be accessed on any device and browser including tablets, desktop and of course, primarily mobile. We believe that our users should be able to recruit on the go, and from anywhere in the world without bypassing the system…just a simple swipe away.

Candidates can access and view your job site and job postings wherever they are, and when it comes to our users you can approve and process applicants all on your phone, you could even do it on the bus on your way home…so simple and manageable.

MyRecruitment+ also has the candidate sharing page, where HR, hiring managers and executives can review candidates and even leave comments, ratings, actioning applications and even receiving notifications when a new candidate applies. This creates visibility, accountability and transparency.

Candidate Video Interviews

By using video technology, MyRecruitment+ believes it can contribute and add incredible value to the Applicant Tracking System . Our goal and vision are to connect a combination of video interviewing providers to offer our users and clients a choice on what works best for them. With pre-recorded video interviews the content can be used to analyse if the viewed candidate is perfect for the role.

Reduce your costs in meeting with potential candidates, by merely sending questions for candidates to answer on video. Imagine you fly a candidate over who lives interstate, and once you start the interview, you realise they’re not the right candidate for the job. It can feel like a waste of time and money; therefore, pre-recorded interviews can give you a sneak peek before the initial face-to-face meeting.

Each pre-recorded session has a set time for how long a candidate has to answer; this will show recruiters if they can handle answering questions about their experience or examples of work. You customize the questions and can ask whatever you like. This is a perfect tool for you to assess if a candidate is suitable for the job quickly. Let’s say you are looking for a customer service representative and they are shy on camera, and can’t look directly to the screen. Or worse, they stumble their words and don’t have good body language. It’s such a perfect tool that will help make our users time well spent.

Strong Candidate Database

Segment, browse, organize and process your candidates with your robust candidate database. This is one of the most powerful features in our platform. This is important as you can use the candidate management features including quick application processing, branded and automated emails, geo-location search and keywords searches to find the right candidate. These are just some of the incredible candidate management features that can make your databases so powerful.

Finding candidates will become more comfortable and quicker for all users because of our segmented candidate databases. Users can configure and filter talent with keywords and resume parsing; which allows users to assess whether the applicants are suited for the role quickly. There are vast options to take when it comes to the information you choose to enter in the database, whether its screening questions, years of experience or geo-location of the candidates. Find out for yourself how having this as a part of your recruitment and onboarding process will help you and your company immensely.

Create Your Talent Communities & Pools

Build your talent communities and place specific candidates in their role or skill. You can create and design it however you like, where filtering the capabilities and suitability to the position can make it a faster and more efficient approach for users when it comes to finding their perfect candidate.

More known for as ‘talent on tap’, you can automatically search for the candidates you require for the open role. Users can even tag candidates who may have been unsuccessful for a position but possessed qualities the recruiter felt would be better suited for another role. By tagging candidates, it makes it much quicker and efficient when you do have another job opening… you can quickly search for that candidate with the tag you assigned to them, for example, their skill, expertise, field or even job title; you can pick whatever you like…the options are endless.

Calendar Integration for Google and Microsoft Outlook

With our Applicant Tracking System , combine interviews and meetings with both Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365. By linking with our platform, you can send invitations and confirmations to candidates, and it will appear on both your calendar and the candidate’s calendar… in just a few seconds.

This is a perfect feature for users to integrate their meetings; it can also combine with user’s current employees. Perhaps a recruiter wishes to include a hiring manager or supervisor in the recruitment process and would like for them to attend the candidate’s interview…a simple click of a button and the recruiter can send the invite and interview confirmation to both candidate and employee; as well as popping up in their calendars.

No need to send a separate email and worry about two independent parties coming together for an interview, with our Applicant Tracking System you don’t need to worry about that…easy, simple and perfectly manageable.


Recruitment Process Automation

Automate your recruitment and onboarding process through our Applicant Tracking System . Automated replies are naturally processed, where users can just move candidates to the next step of the recruitment process.

Users can allow the platform to do what they have configured and automated it to act upon. For example, with a click of the button, you can send an automated email to candidates on whether they are successful or unsuccessful for the role; it is all automated and can be customized for you.

Emails can be personalised, branded and customized to suit you; they can even be scheduled and delayed. You may need some time to give a candidate response, merely schedule the automated response for a later time, no need to make a note of it or set alarms on your phone to send an email; MyRecruitment+ can do this all for you.


Users can create their screening questions in minutes, as well as being customized; it’s even updated automatically on the user’s career site without the need of any manual interventions…it just works.

Combine the job to the screening questions and even include options using our Applicant Tracking System , such as single or multiple choice answer drop down, as well as text box field, dates and numbers. Create the screening question template of your choice and even use it for future job openings as many times as you like. With such flexibility, you can change the template however you want for specific roles and job openings.

MyRecruitment+ has made it manageable for our users to screen questions to candidates, and it can be quickly done within a few short minutes…no time wasted, and recruitment made easy.

Responsive Career Site
& Job Boards

Our Applicant Tracking System comes with a beautiful & mobile enabled custom job board that you can link to your current website and career site. Being designed as mobile first, candidates can apply for your job openings anytime, and anywhere.

We combine plenty of HTML Tags and SEO URLs; this will provide your career site with a high chance of popping up when applicants search for your job openings…more candidates seeing your job openings means more opportunities for you to find the perfect candidate.

With our flexible and accessible WordPress plugin, you have the freedom to create and customize your website and job boards; you can even contact our team to help you design and make your website, career site and job boards…give us a call to find out more.

MyRecruitment+ also has the application form builder that can create questions and all the relevant information that you will need for the application form. In just a few minutes you can upload your logo and job boards on your website…it’s so quick!

Intranet Job-Board Recruitment

With our Applicant Tracking System we can bring a specific job board and install it within your Intranet; this allows you to post only the job openings you wish to promote and encourage your current employees to apply.

Motivate your staff to apply for jobs that can encourage them to better themselves and move up in the ranks. Offer your staff opportunities and increase your employee experience as well as lowering drop-off rates and candidate turnover.

Save costs and time on the onboarding process, as you already have candidates internally you could process to take the new job opportunity. By adding value, this incredible feature can add incentive and drastically benefit your team and company as a whole.

Integrate with any Payroll or HRMS system

Our platform can link with any payroll or HRMS system to provide an end-to-end solution for our corporate clients. We can even enable our users to add new employees to the Payroll and HR system in a matter of seconds.

With such a smooth and seamless process of the HR system integration, our platform can also include checks and assessments including police checks, reference checking, psychometric checks and more.

When it comes to candidates transitioning to becoming a new employee, all they need to do is complete all the onboarding paperwork, and once you receive all of this, it can be added to the system in a few moments. Our users can even create jobs with their HRMS so that MyRecruitment+ gets instantly notified and creates the job approval request.


Smooth and Paperless Onboarding

Make your onboarding completely paperless with our end-to-end digital onboarding solution and module; our users can auto-generate employment packs, including contract, forms, induction videos and much more in seconds.

Digital signing is a core component to going completely paperless. It is a common misconception that sending files online is going paperless, however, without the capacity to sign digitally, it is not only time consuming for the end user, but technically it is not paperless at all.

MyRecruitment+ makes paperless onboarding all possible for you and your candidates. They can sign their contract in seconds, and all you have to do is open the file to view it…done in mere moments, it’s that simple.

Users can even change the current employee’s terms and contract all on their mobile. We also offer you pre-set templates that you can auto-generate your letter of offer as well as induction videos…try MyRecruitment+ today to see it for yourself.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) v.s
The free-tier MyRecruitment+ platform

MyRecruitment+ is the next generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - it's a cloud-based applicant tracking software that helps recruitment professionals to manage their entire hiring process from a simple online application which can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

With our applicant tracking system, clients can create a free account in 1 minute and start recruiting. The free account is free forever and has full recruiting capability and allows you to recruit for one role at a time - we call this restriction "one active job at a time".

Any modern applicant tracking system must be connected and must have online posting capability - with our platform the ad template designer allows you to design beautiful branded job ads, that represents your business so well and help you to attract good candidates.

A modern applicant tracking must have a requisition workflow - with our platform the recruitment process includes a request-to-recruit approval workflow, posting, shortlisting, interviewing.., onboarding and integration with your HRMS/Payroll system in order to place the newly on-boarded employees straight into your payroll/HRIS system.

You can't have a modern and enterprise-grade ATS, without being customisable by the users - with our platform, the recruitment process is easily customisable by the user to suit their requirements. By recruitment professional, I mean a recruiter from a recruitment agency or a human resources staff. We call our recruitment software a platform because it's a genuine and modern platform with a free tier that allows recruiters to start free and upgrade if and when they need to.

I have written extensively about the difference between an applicant tracking system and a modern free-tier recruitment platform. You can read this one if you're interested WHAT’S AN ATS – APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEM? HAS THE PLATFORM KILLED IT!. In this article, I make the case that the traditional applicant tracking software is dead as it's getting superseded by modern platforms like ours. I base my case on 4 main reasons or if you like features that are unique to the platform.

Genuine free-tier - this allows users to continue testing the software for as long as they need, and in doing that they're reducing the huge risk of not working for them, as well as eliminating the setup cost.

Self-service - most the traditional applicant tracking software require the vendor to customise the software for the client - or at least some of the customisation is done by the vendor. This clearly far from being ideal because there is always the frustration delay and dependency as well as it's very expensive.

Customisable and flexible - this is so important to ensure the new software solution is adopted and loved by all the stakeholders. You see the more flexible it is, the more likely you can adapt it to meet the requirements of all the stakeholders and that's how the final solution will be loved and embraced by all of them. Otherwise, you'll always end up with a significant % of the stakeholders being unhappy because their wish list wasn't met i.e. "This is not how we do things! This doesn't work for us! this is a stupid solution... HR installed it and it just doesn't make sense for us". And you know that a solution like this will not last long and you end up with a big waste of investment.

Open Architecture API(s) – most recruitment software platforms have open architecture enabled by API(s) as well as in some cases other potential types of software layers that are built on top of the API tier and that provide a higher degree of re-use. Integration with the rest of the HR ecosystem is so essential and can be to streamlining the entire workflow for HR. Most of the traditional ATS(s) aren't as flexible and open and when they are they, vendor, charge extra money just for accessing the API.

Talent acquisition, Talent management, recruiting and staffing and any other role that HR do around hiring and managing talent would significantly benefit from our platform. recruiters and hiring managers can now collaborate on the recruitment process while having full visibility and be able to customise how they want to work and who's going to be doing what.

The requisition approval workflow allows a hiring manager to submit an online request to recruit form and for managers and HR to approve it. Once approved either HR or the hiring manager can work on posting the role and on the shortlisting.

Our recruitment software platform comes with a ready-to-go job board that users can publish straight onto their website. This can be a simple link, an iFrame or for the more advanced users (or their colleagues) they can use either a WordPress plugin or program an integration via our job-board API. Once the job-board is setup on your website or on a sub-domain of your website, Job seekers will be able to apply to your ads while having to answer all the specific screening questions that you might have set up against the role.

Of course the platform's most interest feature is the multi-posting and this allows you to post to 100 of free and paid job-boards, as well as to social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - Many job postings can be sent to the sites of interest in seconds - the job multi-tasking will definitely help you to save time and money on your posting work.

Our platform simply makes tracking systems look old, clunky because it's built and delivered like a modern platform. You start with a free account and upgrade to a paid plan, if and when you need to. Job applicants can be processed extremely fast because our AI technology creates a quick professional profile out of a resume allowing you to in under 5 seconds, to build a good-enough understanding on whether or not, this a good candidate that you want to pursue further and therefore you would click on it - otherwise you simply skip and move to the next candidate - so you shouldn't, in theory, have to click on more than 10% of the job applicants that apply for the job. We've been fine-tuning and perfecting this module and we extended to work in both the recruiters' industry and the HR industry too.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a freemium cloud-based Applicant Tracking System. It’s the best way to manage job ads, candidates and new-employee contracts and forms.

You create a free account that enables you to have 1 active job at any one time. This means that you can only recruit for one job at a time. This free account can be yours forever and so this is NOT a trial – this is a real free-tier account.

No MyRecruitment+ comes with NO setup nor training cost – you can create a free account and have your first job posted to 20 job-boards in 5 minutes. Even the what we call “Enterprise” accounts come with NO setup cost. So I’m talking about the large accounts that require their account to be structured as multiple connected nodes to reflect perhaps different locations, different brands or something like that… despite the fact that with these large accounts, we allocate a client success person to work with them during the early days… and we still don’t charge any setup cost.

So the free tier allows you to have 1 active job at a time and this means that you can only recruit for one job at a time. Essentially, you create a job, post it, process applications, short list, interview and hire someone(s) for the role. Then close this job that you’ve just filled and open a new one. So this is perfect for smaller organisations who naturally would not need to have more than one job open at the same time.

No there is NO support cost… not even for the free-tier accounts let alone for the paid accounts. You are welcome to get in touch via email or phone and we’re more than happy to help you. Our support is second to none in the industry. Our client success team love what they do and they’re supper motivated and they would love to hear from you.

Yes, even the free accounts are supported – we’d love to hear form you so get in touch with us by either phone or email – go to the Contact Us page and get in touch.

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