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Video Interview

Psychometric Testing
Single Click Job Posting

In just a single click, users can post their job ads to 100s of free and paid job boards, such as; Seek, Indeed, Jora, and CareerBuilder. Plus, social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. With access to a large variety of job boards, your listings receive exponential views which reduces your time-to-hire and increases your chance of sourcing top talent.

Use our live editing tool at any time to fix errors and immediately see the new changes on sites where the job ad is published. Don’t stress about visiting every site to manually make changes..our Applicant Tracking System does it for you in a single click.

Perfect Approval Workflow

Keep your HR, Hiring Managers and Executives informed with our customizable request-to-recruit workflow. Our workflow is customisable to suit your hiring process, not the other way round. By using MyRecruitment+’s Applicant Tracking System you can build the perfect approval workflow that fits your unique operations.

The approval workflow can be accessed anywhere and at any time as it’s accessible on all devices and browsers; including mobile, tablet and desktops. Executives can approve or reject requests with just a swipe on their smartphone…it’s never been easier.

Made for Mobile
Candidate Video Interviews

Reduce your costs in meeting with potential candidates by merely sending questions that require a video response. These pre-recorded answers provide you with a video interview of your candidate that you can watch in your own time, and share with Managers and Executives.

Video interviews reduce costs by offering insight into your candidates soft skills before investing time into real-time interviews. You have the chance to watch their body language and hear them communicate. By unearthing your candidate you have a three-dimensional understanding of their capabilities, skills and potential. Therefore, you refine your candidate selection by knowing which candidates are most suitable for the role.

Strong Candidate Database

Segment, browse, organize and process your candidates with MyRecruitment+. Our candidate management features include quick application processing, branded and automated emails, geo-location and keywords searches. These are a few of the incredible candidate management features that make your databases powerful.

Find candidates quicker and easier by customising databases. By filtering talent with keywords and resume parsing users reduce the time necessary to find the most suited applicants.There are endless options when it comes to the information you choose to enter in the database, the choice is entirely yours.

Create Your Talent Communities & Pools
Recruitment Process Automation

Automate your recruitment and onboarding process with our Applicant Tracking System. Automated replies are naturally processed to empower users to effortlessly progress candidates through the recruitment process.

Allow the platform to perform according to their configurations and automations. Emails are personalised, branded and customized to suit your needs; they can be scheduled and delayed. You can make a decision instantly and schedule the response for a later time, no need to set reminders or make notes, MyRecruitment+ can do this all for you.

Candidate Pre-Screening

Users can customise screening questions in minutes, which our Applicant Tracking System automatically updates on the user’s career site without any manual interventions.

Choose from options such as single or multiple choice answer drop down, as well as text box field, dates and numbers. Create a screening question template of your choice and re-use it for future job openings. With such flexibility, you can adjust the template however you want for specific roles and job openings.

By creating and using templates, MyRecruitment+ has made it manageable for our users to screen candidates within a few clicks.

Intranet Job-Board Recruitment

With our Applicant Tracking System, you can install specific job boards within your Intranet. This allows you to post only the job openings you wish to promote and encourage your current employees to apply.

By encouraging career progression you improve your employee experience, as well as reduce candidate turnover. Not to mention the time and costs you save on onboarding. This feature incentivises your employees and drastically benefits your company as a whole.

Responsive Career Site & Job Boards
Integrate with any Payroll or HRMS system

Our platform can integrate with any payroll or HRMS system to provide an end-to-end solution for our clients. Our users have the ability to add new employees to the Payroll and HR system in a matter of seconds.

This creates a smooth and seamless HR system with ultimate integration capabilities. Our platform also offers pre-employment checks such as police checks, reference checks, psychometric assessments and more.

When it comes to candidates becoming a new employee, all they need to do is complete their onboarding e-forms, which is captured in the system in seconds. Our users can even create jobs with their HRMS so that MyRecruitment+ is instantly notified and creates the job approval request.

Smooth and Paperless Onboarding

Leverage the efficiency of paperless onboarding with our digital onboarding module. In seconds, users can auto-generate employment packs that include a contract, e-forms, induction videos and much more.

At MyRecruitment+, we understand the difference between digital files and e-forms. Our onboarding software enables digital signing and captures data collected from e-forms, which automatically transfers into your Payroll system.

Create onboarding pack templates that can be reused, with the only varying component being the contract...which is auto-generated! The onboarding pack is generated in seconds, and completed in seconds. It’s so simple and quick for the user and candidate.

Changes to current employee’s contracts can even be made on mobiles. Experience the benefits with MyRecruitment+.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a freemium cloud-based Applicant Tracking System. It’s the best way to manage job ads, candidates and new-employee contracts and forms.

You create a free account that enables you to have 1 active job at any one time. This means that you can only recruit for one job at a time. This free account can be yours forever and so this is NOT a trial – this is a real free-tier account.

No MyRecruitment+ comes with NO setup nor training cost – you can create a free account and have your first job posted to 20 job-boards in 5 minutes. Even the what we call “Enterprise” accounts come with NO setup cost. So I’m talking about the large accounts that require their account to be structured as multiple connected nodes to reflect perhaps different locations, different brands or something like that… despite the fact that with these large accounts, we allocate a client success person to work with them during the early days… and we still don’t charge any setup cost.

So the free tier allows you to have 1 active job at a time and this means that you can only recruit for one job at a time. Essentially, you create a job, post it, process applications, short list, interview and hire someone(s) for the role. Then close this job that you’ve just filled and open a new one. So this is perfect for smaller organisations who naturally would not need to have more than one job open at the same time.

No there is NO support cost… not even for the free-tier accounts let alone for the paid accounts. You are welcome to get in touch via email or phone and we’re more than happy to help you. Our support is second to none in the industry. Our client success team love what they do and they’re supper motivated and they would love to hear from you.

Yes, even the free accounts are supported – we’d love to hear form you so get in touch with us by either phone or email – go to the Contact Us page and get in touch.

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